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The Wall Street crash, the great depression and its how it affected the lives of the American People

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  • Essay length: 5313 words
  • Submitted: 11/07/2002
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GCSE USA 1919-1941

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History course work.

During the 1920's, the American stock exchange had undergone what can only be described as a 'boom'. Huge post war expansion had taken place and America's economy was extremely healthy, homelessness had been reduced significantly and financial stability for most of the population had reached an all time high. This newfound wealth created a time where the ordinary working class people would find themselves being capable of buying washing machines, cars, radios, fashionable new clothes and vacuum cleaners, things thing which had previously been beyond their reach. Many people lived far more comfortably than ever before and prosperity had spread through much of America like an epidemic. New companies were springing up everywhere and the older companies were growing larger still. Indeed the US was really the best place you could have hoped to live in during the nineteen- twenties. Quite possibly the best example of this was Henry Ford's Motor Company, who while they could, paid good wages and made a lot of profits themselves. They were the first large company to adopt a new

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