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This essay will be based on my, impressions of the play, 'Cleaning Up'

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Drama Essay - Cleaning Up This essay will be based on my, impressions of the play, 'Cleaning Up' which I saw on 25/03/04. The name of the company performing the play was 'Theatre Venture'. There were four members of this company and between them they shared the roles. My first impressions when entering the theatre hall were very good ones. The first thing I noticed was the almost intimidating music playing in the background. This music caught my attention because it was simply interesting. I could hear muffled voices and sounds like police sirens in the background of the music's slow beat. This along with the dimmed, smoky lights worked for me, set the atmosphere very well and made me want to keep watching - which was the sole purpose. Even if I had not already read the play, I would have had a clear idea of what kind of area the play was set in from little clues like the police sirens concealed in the music to the loud graffiti sprayed on the set walls. The costumes in this play were another plus point for me. This play worked with the idea of authority and belonging. These things came out to me further while viewing the play. The first character to enter the stage was wearing a costume that would become very familiar as the play moved on. ...read more.


I think it was this anger that fuelled some of the things he did during the play. Another main character was Carla, who was introduced to us at the beginning of the play. She was shown being thrown to the ground and having her bag searched as she was entering the 'east' side. We later found out that had come from the 'west' side after the death of her daughter. Carla seemed to be a strong and composed character and very rarely let the loss of her daughter get to her. She showed she was determined, as many who were greeted as rudely as she was by Mclean would have given up with him, whereas she continued trying to get though to him and help him get over whatever was troubling him. This showed she was caring and as her relationship with Mclean developed, so did the audiences fondness of them both as we watched them confront their fears and be happy together. Another character from the 'west', Esther was a fellow youth which immediately connected her to Impy. She was also the same age as the majority of the audience so she connected with some of us. She appeared to be a shy, vulnerable, suspicious girl but was brave too, as she made her way from the 'west' to the 'east' by herself which must have taken a lot of courage. ...read more.


Also it brought all the different races onto the same level. There was no talk of colour or culture. They were just people, the same as all the people around them. I also think this was the reason that the Meebs costumes covered so much of their bodies. All you could see were their eyes so again, they were stripped of their colour and culture and just became the cold-hearted robots that were the Meebus Corporation. My impressions of the play stayed more or less the same throughout it. It caught my attention from the moment I walked into the theatre hall and didn't let me go until the play was finished and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Doing this essay has forced me to think about the play I watched in even more depth and detail and now I feel I fully understand the message it was trying to portray, although I think everyone who watched it would have a different idea of what it was meant to be portraying. I would definitely recommend this play to my friends and family as I thought it was interesting and something refreshing and different to anything I had ever seen before. I would also recommend all the world's leading politicians sit and watch it together because I think the writer of this play has put together an interesting viewpoint on what s/he believes might happen in the future and I think we need to be ready to tackle the Meebus bug if it ever comes our way. Aisha Mirza 10Q ...read more.

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