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To What Extent had the Position of Black Americans Improved Between 1929 and 1991?

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To What Extent had the Position of Black Americans Improved Between 1929 and 1991? The position of blacks was to change from 1929 to 1991, before this there was the American Civil War which was won by the northern states; this was to stop all black slavery. The war was won by the northern states and slavery was ended, just before 1929 there was mass segregation of blacks in the southern states. Civil rights were to become a major issue in the next 62 years. The position of blacks in American Society have improved to a certain extent because of various things, there were more black role models than before, these role models were people like Louis Armstrong, Michael Jackson and Mohammed Ali. ...read more.


Black leaders such as Martin Luther King really showed the world about Americas Civil Rights problem, he won the Nobel Peace Prize, which brought world wide attention. Also in the 1968 Olympics with the black salute done by Tommie Smith and John Carlos bought the attention of civil rights to the world again but with a large televised audience. In relation the media coverage was able to reach all areas, this increased public awareness of civil rights. There was a decline in importance on the KKK in all states, the numbers in the KKK began to decline as ethnic groups and whites were becoming more expected. More blacks were now going into higher education, this is shown in 1995 statistics, 59.8% were with further education, but there were only 48.3%. ...read more.


This shows the racism that still exists and also people still victimise blacks like before. Also there has still been no black American president, also statistics show that unemployment was greater in black people than white people, also the percentage of blacks in prison is greater than the whites. In conclusion it can be said that the civil right movement did have substantial gains, such as ending all types of segregation and removing as much of the KKK as possible. Also blacks now have more opportunity than in 1929. But we are wrong to say that there is no racism left, because there is, it can never be totally removed, this is shown when the white policeman beat up the black motorist, but there is still grater opportunity for blacks now in America than ever before in sports and business. ...read more.

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