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Was the Weimar Constitution doomed from its very beginnings?

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Was the Weimar Constitution doomed from its very beginnings? Many people have questioned the fact on whether the Weimar Republic should have survived or failed. One interpretation was that it was doomed from the start; 'its very beginnings', because of long term weaknesses, such as, the Anti- Democratic society in Germany. There was a thought that the politicians that created the republic never meant for it to succeed, right- wing politicians that had newly formed the republic would take the blame for the defeat of the 1st World War. With the loss of the War of attrition; and the exhaustion of Germany, she found herself in a vulnerable position. Living conditions were in a dangerous situation, earnings fell by 25%, food produce and meat consumption dropped dramatically. Diseases due to malnutrition spread, deaths from starvation and hypothermia rose, deaths in general had more than tripled. In the economy and finance department the value of the mark dropped by 75% of its original value. Agricultural production shrank. Inflation began as the borrowing and printing of excess money expanded. The costs of war; 2 million killed, 6.3 million wounded and �8,394 million wasted. Germany was in trouble. ...read more.


He would have to use the force of the elite to stop a revolution; in return of the Army agreeing to crush communist threats and help the republic Ebert would grant the original power of the elites and keep them in their ranking positions. The Military Elite are still in a position to undermine the Republic later. Ebert was in a risky situation he could not tell the radical because he would then be accused of selling them out. The events of the German revolution would obstruct the development of a successful democracy, firstly the signing of the Armistice; this caused great resentment amongst the German people, (30 days signed on the 11th November) 'Invaded lands' evacuated (Alsace- Lorraine), Rhine west bank occupied by the allies, allied naval blockade to remain in place. The disarmament of German armies and navy's etc. Ebert's moderate views caused the rise of left- wing opposition. The republic was under constant threat from communism. With the loss of the War, the Treaty of Versailles was issued; this was a main downfall and loss of support in the Weimar's reign. ...read more.


Lossow and Kahr issue proclamation denouncing the Putsch. The Putsch continues but halts at another failure as it is once crushed again by the Army. So, was the Weimar Republic doomed from its very beginnings? Well, they faced opposition from both sides that of the Left and Right. If even one of these attempts at overpowering the government the re-introduction of a monarchy or even communist state may have taken over. Many of the people of Germany blamed their problems and situations on the Treaty of Versailles, and also the government because they had agreed to sign it. The Weimar republic had generally taken over at a bad time. However, they replaced the monarchy with the republic at the most vulnerable time of the monarchy, because they were suffering. If the Weimar Government had taken it at that specific time they may never have taken over. Without certain given situations the republic could have prospered throughout for many years. There is no evidence to declare that the Republic was doomed from its very beginnings, but perhaps after 1930 it could be suggested, when both left and right both wanted to end the Republic. There was no evident factor that eventually brought an end to the Weimar Republic but a combination of a few. ...read more.

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