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Were the Nazis successful in controlling the lives of women and young people between 1933 and 1939? Explain your answer.

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Were the Nazis successful in controlling the lives of women and young people between 1933 and 1939? Explain your answer. In Nazi terms, to succeed meant that full control on the lives of the German citizens had to be gained; everything was in order and that everybody followed the rules. Fortunately for the Nazis, most people tended to follow these rules and took advantage of the offers thrown to them by the Nazis. In return for following these rules, the lives of women and young children were vastly improved during the six years. The Nazis were an incredibly male dominated organization and Hitler believed that the place of a woman was in the kitchen.So; basically this meant that a woman was supposed to tend to her husband and stay at home to "breed" children. Fortunately for Hitler most women tended to agree with this idealistic and traditional view of life.So, therefore, Hitler awarded women with medals in conjunction with how many children they managed to produce. This was very effective because it made the mothers feel that they were really doing something worthwhile with their lives and helping to build both a better and stronger Germany. ...read more.


This was due to the fact that these young people would evolve into the new generation of the Aryan race so, it was very important to gain their support whilst they young so; they could grow up, having had their minds successfully manipulated by the Nazis, with strong loyalty to the Nazi party. One way in which the Nazis successfully "brainwashed" or controlled the children in school was to intervene with their education and fill their curriculum with subjects such as, the history of Germany or how the Aryan race were superior over the sub-human Jews or the Slavs of Eastern Europe. Another way of further increasing their popularity was when the Nazis produced organizations such as the Hitler youth and the League of maidens. These were very popular because they gave young people the opportunity to meet new people and it basically gave them the social life that they had been previously denied. Therefore in this sense, the Nazis were very successful in controlling the lives of the young people. However although great success was expressed from the various organizations, there were also a vast number of failures; and this was due to the fact that as well as pro-Hitler organizations, there were also a few anti-Hitler ones. ...read more.


sexual intercourse with pure-blooded Germans.Therefore; this would've meant that a great success would've been achieved by the Nazis because perfect Aryan breed would then be produced and would not contain any sub-human blood at all. Jewish children also suffered the wrath of control in the sense that; they had to wear the Star of David when they went to school just to prove that they were not of Aryan race and they were also humiliated and segregated generally in the school community. Therefore, on considering all the aspects concerning the successes and failures of the Nazis having control on the women and children between 1933 and 1939, I can conclude that it is incredibly difficult to say whether they were successful or not.So, basically I really feel that they generally gained quite a lot of success in controlling women and children, but failed miserably in other aspects. I also feel that there is no way that full success could possibly have been gained because in such a large empire there would always be people in disagreement with the views of the Nazis. Therefore I do not believe that neither success nor failure could ever fully be gained. Bridget Emanuel ...read more.

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