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What impression of 'Kristallnacht' does source c give? Explain your answer.

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B) Study Source C. What impression of 'Kristallnacht' does source c give? Explain your answer. From source C, I get the impression that the SS and the Stormtroopers carried out the violence of 'Kristallnacht'. I get this impression because it mentions that they had been "provided with hammers, axes and firebombs" so therefore they may have caused the destruction. I can base my opinion on this because source C is a reliable source. The source tells us that the official view from the Nazis was that 'Kristallnacht' was a spontaneous impulse created by the German public. The source goes on to tell us that the public was horrified by the anti-Jewish behaviour but they could not broadcast this feeling because "the slightest sign of sympathy for the Jews from the public for the Jews caused fury amongst the Nazi's". The author believes from viewing "the ruins and the violence", and by interviews he carried out that 'Kristallnacht' was a planned event involving SS men and Stormtroopers not in uniform. These soldiers were disguised in an attempt to fool the Nazi's that they were the German public. And that it was planned because "no attempts were made to put out fires". Many Jews also were sent to concentration camps "The most hideous part of the so-called 'spontaneous' action was the arrest and transportation to concentration camps of male German Jews". C) Study Sources C, D and E. Do sources D and E make it more, or less likely, that the account given in source C is accurate? I think that source D and E does support what is said in Source C because there are certain factors in each that agree with source C. ...read more.


This is important as these are two very different cultures and different cultures do not always interpret the same things correctly. Also, source F shows the Nazi's looting of the Jews possessions and source G is trying to get the point across that the German public is defenceless. I know this because in source G, the German citizen who is tied up and gagged is the focus of the cartoon and the Nazi officer and dead Jew are in the background. I think that the two sources are fairly similar because they are both trying to get the point across that the Nazis are responsible for 'Kristallnacht' and this is the focus of agreement for both sources. E) Study Sources H and I. How far does source I prove that Goering was telling the truth in source H? Source I proves that Goering was telling the truth in source H to a certain extent. Source H blames Goebbels for 'Kristallnacht' "it was not acceptable to me that he should upset my difficult economic tasks by destroying so much Jewish property of economic value and by causing so many disturbances in economic life". This suggests Goering's anger at Goebbels for wasting so much. It also tells us that Hitler apologised on Goebbels behalf. The reliability though is questionable because if it were Goering organising 'Kristallnacht', he would have wanted to push the blame on someone else at the time because he was on trial for war crimes. Source I tells us that Hitler disapproved with 'Kristallnacht', and that he was definitely not pleased with the person who organised it as he wanted to come with an understanding with France and that wouldn't happen after the events of 'Kristallnacht'. ...read more.


Source I tells us that Hitler disapproved with 'Kristallnacht', and that he was definitely not pleased with the person who organised it. Hitler never wanted it to happen. This source is fairly reliable because there is nothing to suggest that it lies. However, a factor of unreliability is that it is reported over 30 years later by Frau Troost in an interview. This suggests that she may have had a lapsed memory. I have learned that Frau Troost was a close friend of Hitler's and in theory, as a close friend, she would deny anything with Hitler being involved in Kristallnacht to try and defend him. I believe that this source indicates that neither the German people nor the Nazi party was involved with 'Kristallnacht'. In conclusion, I think that 'Kristallnacht' was not a 'spontaneous event by the German people'. This is because only three out of the nine sources supports this claim and the evidence that backs it up is misleading, confusing and from unreliable origins. There is far more evidence in the sources that Goebbels organised 'Kristallnacht' with the SS and the SA in order to impress Hitler who he was out of favour with. However, Source A, Source G and Source I clearly show that Hitler did not approve of it "he agreed that such events must not be allowed to take place". I have also learnt that Hitler didn't discourage Kristallnacht once it had taken place "Hitler squealed with delight and slapped his leg with enthusiasm", and in Source B "such demonstrations were not to be organised by the party, but neither were they discouraged". Therefore, I think that the statement 'Kristallnacht was a spontaneous event by the German people' is untrue and the vast majority of the sources do not support this claim. ...read more.

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