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What was the impact of the treaty of Versailles on Germany?

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What was the impact of the treaty of Versailles on Germany? The overall reaction of Germans was horror and outrage. They certainly felt that they had not started the war. The people were angry that their government was not represented at the talk and that they were being forced to accept the harsh treaty without any choice or even a comment to make. This was clearly called a diktat. Germany suffered through industry as 50% of its iron and steel industry had been lost as well as 16% of its coalfields. This was all compensation and reparation for the war. Thus it very difficult for Germany to make war material as most ammunition was produced from iron and steel and half of theirs had been taken. ...read more.


In addition, the Rhineland was de -militarized too. Germany was very unstable at the moment. For the first time in Germany democracy was introduced. In result, many different groups such as communists, Sparta cists, the right, had all tried to overthrow the democrats since they were new to power. The Weimar republic faced many problems from these opponents some being Sparta cists uprising in 1919, kapp putsch in 1920 and the Munich putsch in 1923. The main fact of Germany politically, is that it was unstable. The economy of Germany was suffering as it had lost many of its resources since their colonies and land were taken away from them. The fact that Germany had to pay �66 billion was enough to hurt any countries economy. ...read more.


The idea of 'no anschluss' by the treaty was thought to be unfair by Germans because other countries were going through self-determination while they were not allowed to unite with Austria. Germany was also pariah from the League of Nations which would have been humiliating again. The German people detested the fact that a part of Germany (East Prussia) was separated which made it much harder for transport. Nearly all countries were told by their government not to trade with Germany which left them the odd ones out again. The German merchant fleet was given to Britain which would have mired transport and trade for Germany. Overall I can say that the impact on the treaty of Versailles was extremely harsh and aggressive. The treaty of Versailles left Germany no where. It took all its resources away. I think the treaty of Versailles was a total diktat! HUSSEIN KAPASI ...read more.

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