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What were the main points of the Treaty of Versailles? What was it intended to achieve?

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� what were the main points of the Treaty of Versailles? �What was it intended to achieve? � Treaty of Versailles After the First World War when Germany was defeated, USA, France and Britain attended a conference to discuss how to make a peaceful world. In this conference different people had different opinions. Some people thought this conference was established to punish Germany. Other people thought this conference was established to keep Germany under control. Some people thought this conference was a reward for winning. The Three leaders The French Prime Minister, the USA President and the British Prime Minister joined in this conference. � The Prime Minister of France His name was George Clemenceau. He was born in 1841 and in 1871 he became a politician. He was P.M from 1906 to 1909 and a second time from 1914to1917. He was a very hard and tough politician. He had seen his country invaded twice by Germany, in1870 and in 1914. His nickname was Tiger. �The Prime Minister of Britain His name was David Lloyd George. He was born in 1863. ...read more.


�German's armed forces ?Germany wasn't allowed armed vehicles, submarines or aircraft. ?Germany couldn't make more then 6 battle ship. ?The Germany army was limited to 100,000 men. The Rhineland demilitarised and the Germany army weren't allowed to enter this area. This area was very important because it was the border area between Germany and France. �League of Nations Wilson's most original idea was the creation of the League of Nations established in 1920. He thought the League would be able to prevent wars in the future. In the Treaty of Versailles the three leaders agreed to from the League of Nations to make a peaceful world. Germany couldn't join the League of Nations until it proved itself a peaceful country. �The three leaders The Prime Minister of France (George Clemenceau), the Prime Minister of Britain (David Lloyd George) and the President of the USA (Woodrow Wilson) � George Clemenceaue He was the Prime Minister of France. He wanted to punish the Germans because in this war Germany killed many people. ...read more.


(5) Colonies to have say in their own future. (6) German troops to leave Russia. (7) Independence for Belgium. (8)France to regain Alsace-Lorraine. (9) Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjusted. (10) Self- determination for the people of Eastern Europe (they should rule themselves). (11) Serbia to have access to the sea. (12) Self-determination for the people in the Turkish Empire. (13) Poland to become an independent state with access to the sea. (14) League of Nations to be set up. �David Lloyd George He wanted Germany to be justly punished but not very harshly. He wanted Germany to lose its navy and colonies because Britain thought they threatened the British Empire. He wanted Germany and Britain to started trading again with each other because before the war Germany and Britain's second largest trading partner. �What was it attended to achieve? All three leaders wanted to make the peaceful world. They didn't want any war again, that's why they banned Germany from having a large armed force limited them to 100,000 men and 6 battleships. They wanted to establish Eastern Europe for a peaceful world. They have made the League of Nations (International police) to show an international peaceful world. ...read more.

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