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Which is the most important reason for why the Tsars rule ended in 1917?

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Which is the most important reason for why the Tsars rule ended in 1917? In March 1917 there was a revolution forcing the Tsars rule to end. The Tsar was in capable of dealing with problems such as the army and the food shortages in Russia. These reasons along with the influence of Rasputin on the Tsarina led to the Tsar abdicating and the Duma taking over complete control. The Tsar and Tsarina were becoming very unpopular in 1916 because of the way they ran the country. Living conditions were awful and the peasants wanted their own land. The Tsar never really allowed the Duma to have any power; although some changes were made they were never good enough. ...read more.


More protests broke out about food shortages and the Government were hated even more. The Tsar took charge of the army in 1915. He appointed his uncle to take command of the Armed Forces. Millions of men were called up into the army leaving know one to look after the farms. As well as being run badly, the army was very poorly equipped because of the shortage of weapons and clothing. Soldiers had no enthusiasm for fighting and had to go battle without weapons. This reflected badly on the Tsar as he was in charge. Soldiers began to desert the army and give up. Peasants fled to towns to make to make a living making weapons for the war leaving behind their farms. ...read more.


The Government were not capable of organizing the war effectively. There was a lot of suffering in the army and 3 million soldiers were lost. When the Russian people realised this they blamed the Tsar and grew even angrier starting larger strikes. They had completely lost faith in their leaders. In March 1917 the soldiers joined the rioters in Petrograd because they were also angry at the way the war had been managed. Middle classes also joined in the strikes. There was no one left to defend the Tsar so the he was forced to abdicate. A revolution had happened. If the army had not suffered so much, the strikes for food shortages and discontent with the Tsar might not have been at such a great extent. ...read more.

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