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Why And How Did Evacuation Take Place?

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Why And How Did Evacuation Take Place? Between 1939 and 1945 Britain and Germany were fighting the Second World War. On 7th September the first German bombing attack on Britain launched against London. This means that it was the end of the Battle of Britain and the beginning of the Blitz. The Blitz was the heavy bombing of Britain's vital cities by the Luftwaffe. The most important reason why women and children were evacuated to the countryside was because the British government were afraid that the people would get hurt by the bombing of the Luftwaffe. This meant that it was too dangerous for the children to stay in vital cities. Another reason was because during the Blitz most houses were bombed and children didn't have any shelter to stay, this meant that they had to get evacuated so they have shelter in a safer area. Parents weren't evacuated they had to stay in vital cities and fight the war. A final reason women and children were evacuated was because Hitler tried to make the peoples' morale bad to try invade Britain this meant that Hitler had to kill people in the cities to make people's morale low. Morale is the confidence of people and by killing people Hitler would make peoples' morale low. ...read more.


to the host family and it's too dark for her to see the host family's face and hasn't had much experience from the host family. On the other hand it might mean it is unreliable because the girl has just got there and she is just telling her first thoughts about the host families and she hasn't had much experience with the host family. Source 12 shows a general idea of the experience of evacuees. It suggests that how some evacuees' experiences were pleasant and some experiences were unpleasant. Dr. Penny Starns's main point is that the evacuees didn't have much of an experience he says ''only shared a sense of isolation and loneliness at a dangerous time of war.'' This suggests that the evacuees only had the experience of being separated from friends and families. From my own knowledge I know that not all evacuees had a good experience and had to be separated from their friends and families. The source is an extract from a book called ''The Evacuation of children during World War Two.'' It was made by Dr. Penny Starns. In 2004 to whom he lectures. This might mean it is reliable because I know that evacuees got separated because their parents had to stay at vital cities and their children had to be sent to the countryside. ...read more.


Some people had a negative experience of evacuation. The sources that people had a negative experience of evacuation because evacuees got isolated from their friends and family. For example source 11 s a letter from a 10 year old girl to her mother. The girl suggests that she doesn't like the faces of the host families. This is because it's the first time the girl is seeing the host family. However some people had a positive experience of evacuation. The sources that people had a positive experience of evacuation because evacuees made new friends with host families. For example source 16 suggests that the young boy made new friends with two girls and had a good time showing them around. I have used many sources for both positive and negative experiences of evacuees and host families these sources are source 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and source 18. Overall, the main factor that affected whether someone had a positive experience was if they had good relationships with the host families and the evacuees. If they got along with host families then they would have good times together, also if they understood the language they spoke so they can communicate. If they couldn't communicate it was going to be hard for the evacuees to understand the host families this could cause problems like if the evacuee needs something the evacuee needs to express themselves to the host family. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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