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Why did Franklin Rosevelt win the Presidential election in 1932?

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Why did Franklin Rosevelt win the Presidential election in 1932? For the American people the 1920s was a time of umlimited opportunities and wealth. America was the richest nation at this time and the wages of many ordinary people rose while the prices of goods did not. At this time the president was Harding, a strong Republican. But in 1923, in the midst of this prosperous period Harding died and another republican-Coolidge became president. This was when the American government started to set high tariffs on all foreign goods entering America, which encouraged people to buy from Amerca, as opposed to the rest of the world as this would be more expensive. People were encouraged to spend their money and this very prosperous period was built around luxuries such as the motor car. For example most Americans were expected to own a radio or a washing machine as part of this time of consumer industry. ...read more.


But an awareness that shares would surely soon fall caused people to start selling their shares which made other people follow as they lost confidence. So people lost not only their investments but also lifelong savings because of banks and insurance companies going bust and on the 29th October there was a complete collapse. So every-one withdrew money from their banks which caused even more to go bust. The 'Boom' was now over and depression had come. Over twelve million Americans were unemployed and over one million of these people could not pay off their mortgages and were therefore homeless. The starving were forced to form 'breadlines' provided by charities such as the salvation army and the homeless moved into shanty towns made of corrugated iron and cardboard known as 'Hoovervilles'. Farmers also went bankrupt and they tried to make up for their loss of income by growing more crops but these now had to be sold at rock bottom prices. ...read more.


Frederick Delano Roosevelt was born in 1882 in a mansion called Hyde Park. He was very well educated and was related to Teddy Roosevelt which would have impressed many. Tall, handsome and athletic he was once described as 'A second-class interlect- but a first-class temperament' He was strenthened by experience as he had already been a successful politician for a number of years. Roosevelt was paralysed from his waist downwards from polio but no-one knew this, which shows his strength and determination as he was once told that he would never walk again. He caught the mood of voters with his New Deal promise and people were prepared to risk the change in style of governement-they had nothing to loose. Interfering with economy had never been done before and Roosevelt intended to create jobs by spending more money, whereas Hoover believed in 'Self Help'. The people of America were now given a new hope from Roosevelt. In November 1932 Roosevelt was elected president and was welcomed by cheers and song from the hopefull crowds. ...read more.

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