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Why did Stalin carry out the purges?

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Why did Stalin carry out the 'Purges'? On the 1st December Sergei Kirov was shot in the back of the head whilst on his way to work. Stalin used this murder to begin a series of purges. These purges were his method of removing those who had previously opposed him and also those he believed may oppose him in the future. These alleged criminals against the state were either imprisoned, exiled or shot and ranged from high party officials and members of the military through to ordinary citizens. The purges began in 1930 with the removal of the kulaks (the more affluent peasant farmers) and progressed to the publicised show trials of high party officials in 1934. ...read more.


clearly be seen holding a cigarette - Lenin despised smokers and disliked being near them, a fact that alludes to fabrication of the picture. Also there was the possible reason that the purges provided him with cheap labour in the Gulag, the series of labour camps which had been set up in Siberia and the Arctic north where those held there were forced to work on mining projects and construction. It is suggested that Stalin felt a need to be seen as better than everyone else and was possibly even jealous of his rivals, which would have contributed to his reasons for the purges. They enabled Stalin to remove the Red Army's Commander-in-Chief, Marshall Tukhachevsky, who he saw as a possible threat to him, seven other Generals of the army were also arrested and shot, and ...read more.


to excuse failures of his Five Year Plans; a failure to meet an output target would not be down to a fault with the plans or that the targets set were too high, but were instead due to sabotage within the industry. A final reason for the purges could have been that he wanted to induce a fear within the people and by putting the senior figures of the party on trial he was able to show them that no-one was capable of opposing him. The people were encouraged to inform on their neighbours and children were encouraged to inform on their parents of any anti-government sentiment they may know off, as a result of this in 1935, in the cities Moscow and Leningrad, over one million people were executed for crimes or disloyalty to Stalin. ...read more.

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