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Why did the British government decide to evacuate children from major British cities in the early years of the Second World War?

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Harpreet Sirha Why did the British government decide to evacuate children from major British cities in the early years of the Second World War? The British government decided to evacuate children from the major cities to the country side where they would be safe. They did this to take precautions to protect and serve the civilians from the bombings and gas attacks. They evacuated children from the major cities as they are the most venerable members of society and this would break people's morale if more children were killed. The British government started to evacuate children before the plans of the outbreak to the World War Two. They announced the evacuation on the 31st August 1939, the day before Hitler invaded Poland. The evacuation began on the 1st September 1939. The reasons for planning to evacuate was firstly the Spanish Civil War, as it gave the British government great cause of concern as it was capable of success of Blitzkrieg. The second reason was The Czechoslovakia Crisis, as Hitler began speeches in August 1938 suggesting he was going to send the German Army into Czechoslovakia. This showed Hitler as an aggressor who needed to be stopped and made war more of a reality. The Third reason is German Rearmament, as the British government were aware that Hitler was breaking the Treaty of Versailles by rearming. ...read more.


volunteers to be mobilized. They began to requisition cellars and basements for air raid shelters, deep trenches were dug in the parks of large towns and cities and the government also ordered the flying of barrage balloons over London. The job of the barrage balloons was to prevent low flying aircraft and pinpoint bombing by the Luftwaffe. The jobs of these balloons were to discourage dive bombing and low level attacks on the towns. The Munich conference and the British policy of appeasement adverted the possibility of war, but when other states such as Poland began to claim part of Czechoslovakia, the leader of the country had no choice but to invite the Germans into help defend the state, so on 15th March 1939, Hitler marched to Prague and the state of Czechoslovakia was at an end. This incident ended the policy of appeasement although nothing could be done as the Czechoslovakia government had invited Hitler in but it did change Chamberlains attitude and showed Hitler as an aggressor who was prepared to break agreement and a man who would continue to take territory unless he was stopped. Britain began building up her defences and brought in conscription. The third reason is German Rearmament The British government were aware that Hitler was breaking the Treaty of Versailles and rearming and this was reinforced when Hitler withdrew from the World Disarmament Conference (WDC) ...read more.


There has also been the threat of invasion from the Zeppelin airships. The first of these can in January 1915 when two Zeppelins bombed Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn killing two people and damaging houses. Further attacks took place in London but stopped when better defences were put in place by the Government. Hitler's new tactics are more devastating for the people who were involved in the First World War. The threat of invasion to the civilians that were involved in the First World War were horrified and scared of the threats to invade. When France invaded in May 1940 it convinced the British Government this was a real possibility so, so children who had been sent to areas within ten miles of the coast in East Anglia, Kent and Sussex were transferred to South Wales for safety. By the end of July nearly half of the population of East Anglia's coastal towns and two - fifths of the inhabitants of Kentish towns on the coast had been left for safer regions of the country. To conclude, the British Government evacuated young children from the major British cities was due to the Spanish Civil War. They moved them to the country side as they were thought to be safe there and where the most venerable members of society and if more children were killed peoples morale would have been broken. ...read more.

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