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Why did the British government evacuate children

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Why did the British government evacuate children during the Second World War? During the Second World War from 1939-1945, the British Government had to evacuate young children as thousands of people were expected to be killed each day from the Luftwaffe bombing raids. They were sent to the countryside as there were fewer bombings taking place there. Young children were evacuated mainly sent to the countryside to avoid them getting involved with the attacks and bombings occurring, there were also many other reasons why the government evacuated children. Evacuation began on 1st September 1939. This date was only 2 days before Britain went to war. Evacuees were normally transported from the city to the countryside by train, car, bus or boat. Many deaths were expected during the war, therefore coffins were mass produced. Evacuation was voluntary; this meant that it was the parent's decision whether they wanted to foster children in danger. 3.5 million People were expected to leave for safety. But instead only approximately 1.5 million people left and only 735,000 of the 1.5 million were children. ...read more.


By the year of 1943 almost 47,000 mansions had been used as schools and hostels. Many schools had to move together to help children and their education problems. These schools were known to be the best for pupils where they did their best at which made it very useful. Although some schools were empty and unused, so they were put to use as hospitals, canteens and enrolment centres. Many evacuees had to start at local schools, most of them where only small resulting in no rooms or space for new students. So schools were then divided into 2, some pupils had to attend school in the morning and some attended in the afternoon. The places which were at most risk were cities. The main cities were London, Manchester, Southampton and Liverpool. London was the city which evacuation was taken place the most. This is why children were advised to be evacuated away from the dangerous cities and to the safe countryside. Besides children, young mothers, pregnant women and teachers, the sick and the elderly were also evacuated. But without a doubt, school children were the largest group travelling to be evacuated. ...read more.


By April 1940, 1.2 million Mothers and their children had decided to return home into the city. Then In the summer of 1940, because of the amount of mothers and their children returning home, the death rates had critically increased around towns in major cities and ports. This meant Hitler's plan had gone well as he wanted as many people to return home. The Royal Air Force dropped propaganda leaflets were instead of bombs on Germany. Each side waited for each other to make a move, but consequently nothing happened. This period was known as the 'Phoney War'. In conclusion, I believe the strongest and main reason why the British Government evacuated children during the Second World War was to save young lives as they wanted children out of harm's way throughout the attacks. So children were transported from the cities into the countryside where it was safe. Especially as children were the future question of Britain such as future soldiers, builders, doctors etc. and they wanted to protect that by evacuating them to the countryside away from the danger in the cities. Evacuation was known to keep them safe and most importantly; alive. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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