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Why did the Status and Position of Jews in Germany Worsen in the Years 1933-9?

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Why did the Status and Position of Jews in Germany Worsen in the Years 1933-9? Although anti-semitism existed in Germany before, Hitler's election on January 1933 began the systematic and merciless persecution of Jews. Their basic rights were removed. The 1935 Nuremberg laws forbid Jews to marry or have relationships with Germans, or be German citizens. In August, 1938, "Israel" was added to the names of all Jewish men and "Sarah" to all Jewish women, making them more conspicuous so persecution was easier. Violence began after November 7th, 1938, when Grynszpan, a Polish Jew, entered the German Embassy in Paris and shot the first official he met as protest against the treatment of his parents. ...read more.


One of the reasons for this persecution is obviously the anti-Jewish Nazi policy and Hitler's personal dislike of Jews. He truly believed that Jews were "the most diabolic creatures in existence". This stemmed from his own experience with Jews, rejected from art school, and brought up in an anti-semitic society. The Nazis also needed someone as a scapegoat in order to achieve political success. Hitler said, "If the Jews did not exist, we should have to invent them". T. Heuss wrote, "The idea of the racial enemy is as essential to National Socialism as the class enemy is to Communism." ...read more.


Therefore Germans more readily accepted the Nazis' relentless anti-semitic propaganda. Goebbels portrayed Jews as having "enormous, grotesque noses, furtive or greedy faces and big, slobbering lips". In schools, children were taught eugenics and how to identify Jews. Through Kristallnacht, Goebbels wanted to create the impression that all Germans hated Jews; in fact many were disgusted with the events. SS men and the Hitler Youth took the only active part. However, the Nazis had no opposition, no other side was presented; eventually everyone began to think that way. The persecution was systematic and efficient. First was the removal of basic rights, then isolation, finally violence. Increasing gradually, there was no definite turning point when people could object. However, Hitler's approach would never have been accepted unless there was already anti-semitism. ...read more.

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