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Why did white chaple murders attract so much attension

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Why did the white chapel murders attract so much attention in 1888? There were many reason the white chapel murders attracts so munch attention. These were down to the nature of the crime the press and the nature of the victims. No one had ever hard of such horrific attacks so the public wanted to know more. Also the middle class people wanted to see Jack the Ripper caught for there own sake not for the victims. The public grew more interested with each attack that took place this was because he was not getting caught and more prostitutes were being killed. ...read more.


There was also grate attraction because of the nature of the crime. The rich people felt sorry from them as they were both prostitute and poor and they thought they suffer enough. The upper class was also shocked that it was them being attack and not them as they had large sum's of money. There was also a nature behind the victims every one was puzzled why Jack the Ripper kept going for prostitutes who were poor. This made other prostitutes scared for the life and attract attention from them as they wanted to know if he had been caught and if they could go back the work. ...read more.


There was also a lot of hoax letters sent to make the case even bigger, most these letters were sent from the press to make the case more dramatic and so people would carry on buying the papers. In conclusion the press attracted most the attention with there bias and un true versions of the event but they had to keep people interested some how. Also because there had never really been any serial killers recorded before. The nature of the crime was also very weird as it was just prostitutes and he would take there organs. ...read more.

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