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Why had international Peace Collapsed by 1939?

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*************************************************************************** Ginny McCullough 10B2 Homework Why had international Peace Collapsed by 1939? 27th of March 03 *************************************************************************** When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 he was pledged to reverse the treaty of Versailles and to increase German territory. Hitler was pledged to reverse the treaty of Versailles and to increase German territory because he said he would in his book Mein kampf. He was pledged to carry out these actions because he had promised them in 1924 only if he was elected into power. In 1933 the people liked his pledges so they elected him so he could carry out his pledges, now Hitler could get to work. The treaty was a constant reminder of defeat and humiliation. Hitler believed the treaty was unfair and made Germany look weak so he had to abolish it. If Hitler were going to demolish the treaty of Versailles then he would also get back the land that was taken away from Hitler in the treaty. So he could really kill two birds with one stone. Hitler wanted to gain more land too and build an Empire so he could also increase German territory. Hitler's people expected the pledges to be for filled so Hitler must complete them to keep Germany satisfied with its leader. ...read more.


The only reason they wanted to appease Italy is to have a strong ally against Hitler. This demonstrated to Hitler that the League thought it would extra strength against Hitler in a war and would use appeasement to get it. Because the League also failed to protect Abyssinia then this shows Hitler another failure of strength after Manchuria making the League look like a walk over. Because the League was so busy with the Abyssinian debate they failed to see what Hitler would be doing with the time the league was too busy to watch Him. Hitler was building up Troops and weapons that were not allowed by the treaty of Versailles. On the 7th of March in 1936 Hitler moved his troops into the Rhineland an act that was not allowed in the treaty. This was because the league had not been paying enough attention to Hitler's movements and was too distracted with the Abyssinian debate and protecting themselves. In 1936 Hitler and Mussolini signed an agreement called the Rome Berlin Axis. So from the failure of Abyssinia Hitler had got a new ally rearmed land and was breaking the treaty of Versailles. *************************************************************************** In 1936 Hitler began his policy of expanding German influence over areas and was encouraged to do so. ...read more.


*************************************************************************** Although it was Hitler's actions that led to war, many other factors were important in making the war happen. Such as Chamberlain encouraging Hitler's growing ambitions. Chamberlain appeased Hitler to try and make him satisfied and only encouraged Hitler to think that he could get away with more and more and do nothing wrong. Also if the League had told Hitler from the start that he must not be so ambitious then would probably would have stopped then. The League made too many ineffective delayed decisions that would have had no effect on Hitler but only bought him more time to rearm. Many causes that influenced Hitler were to blame like communism he had a big ambition to crush it. The treaty of Versailles must be crushed and Hitler wanted revenge for the treaty. Events in Manchuria and Abyssinia would have distracted the Leagues attention from Hitler to the situations. The Nazi Soviet Pact was a cause because it gave Hitler the path to invade the rest of Poland and the war started from there. The League should have done more to stop Hitler at an earlier stage than letting him get away with things and encouraging him. By Ginny McCullough ...read more.

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