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Why was Hitler appointed Chancellor in 1933?

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Why was Hitler appointed Chancellor in 1933? Throughout the 1920s, people in Germany had been suffering. They had had food supply problems, hyperinflation and massive unemployment. This led to many hatreds being formed by people on certain groups who they felt had had a hand in the events. This gave rise to the radical far right groups that took this hatred and turned it into a full on war. Hitler gave rise to the Nazi movement in Munich and reformed it into a strong political force. He brought onboard many powerful people to help him in the struggle to get Nazi power. After the unsuccessful Munich Putsch in 1923, Hitler lost control as he was sentenced to 8 months in prison. ...read more.


When Hindenburg died, Hitler became President and made a joint position of President and Chancellor which he called Furher. This made Hitler the complete leader of Germany without a crime being committed. Hitler used the democratic system to gain power before dismantling it completely. One of the main reasons Hitler managed to do this was that he used the fear of the people in his policies. For example, many people in Germany were scared of losing their jobs. Hitler used this fear to turn people against the Jews who he said were taking all the jobs and forcing German citizens out of work. This turned out to be a powerful weapon for Hitler as he united all the people who feared losing everything they owned under one banner. ...read more.


Hitler provided that option. The final reason Hitler came to power was his sheer charisma and strength when speaking. He could control entire audiences and inspire young and old. His speaking power was unrivalled in the political world and he provided a beacon of hope to the masses. While people may not have agreed with his views at the beginning of the speech, many did at the end. This was the factor that put many people under his spell. In conclusion, I think that Hitler gained power in 1933 by captivating the masses. He made people love him and that was enough to carry him through the elections and into power. He also knew how to play the political game and make his enemies look weak and bad leaders. This gave Hitler a recipe to win over the hearts of the German people ...read more.

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