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Why Women failed to get the vote

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Explain why women failed to get the vote between 1900-1914? In this essay I will be describing why women got the vote in 1914 how it came about and why it came about .There were long term conditions which made it a long process for them trying to get the vote such as men thinking their superior long before it was seen as their role to stay at home and cook and clean that was their role in society men saw them as less important and less intelligent. And short term factors such as men being put of and offended by the suffragette's violence which involved vandalising golf courses chained themselves to railings and vandalised people's property. Long term problems meant that they were always around before the suffragettes formed and it meant that men believed in them. They were obstacles which made it hard for women because men and some women in opposition of women's right to vote could always refer to them. Another long term factor was that the role for women in society for a long time was to be full time mothers to their children "and the duties they have" ...read more.


Not all men could vote. Men in the army couldn't vote because they were never based in one location. However the suffragettes used smart propaganda by comparing themselves to some of the men that could vote "What a woman may be, and yet not have the vote. What a man may have been, & yet not lose the vote convict, lunatic owner of white slaves, unfit for service and drunkard" Men came first and were seen as more superior and important. In all circumstances. However the liberal but also feared being ruled out by women of a percentage of 52% women to 48% man if all women voted conservative .not all men could vote they couldn't risk there being more women than men deciding the future of the country "what would be the effect on this government". Lord Curzon who was a conservative leader thinks that women getting the vote wouldn't be a very wise idea that the government would suffer not improve and would be unpleasant for the country. A lot of women wanted the vote as they looked for "escape from the harsh conditions of played employment", Jose Harris a historian states. ...read more.


It made it hard for the liberal government to give them the vote when they didn't seem like the deserved it because of their violent approaches. Because of that their votes in parliament decreased from 167 in May 1911 to 14 March 1912. During 1900-1914 women failed to get the vote because of the short term factor instead of proving how the country will reap the success of women being able to vote they made issues even worse with the violence as their votes in parliament decreased from 167 in May 1911 to 14 March 1912. Their violent and aggressive the behaviour of the women in the WSPU put a lot of men of and didn't prove any point .However it got them noticed they were taken too lightly but when they started breaking the law people knew they were serious and desperately sought after change. It was also because of long term factors they had different roles n society and it took WW1 to have peoples minds changed of women's capabilities and limits Tolu Odelusi Womens suffrage Question 1 ...read more.

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