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Women over 30 gained the vote in 1918 mainly because of women’s contribution to the war effort - Do you agree? Explain your answer.

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Women over 30 gained the vote in 1918 mainly because of women's contribution to the war effort. Do you agree? Explain your answer. In this essay I will explain why I agree with the above statement. I will show the particular points in time when I believe that the women's contributions to the war helped them gain the vote. One of the reasons was that in June of 1914 Emmeline Pankhurst attempted to break into Buckingham Palace to show the King a petition. However, her break in did not go to plan and she was arrested. In less than 2 months she called off the militant campaigns due to the outbreak of war in August that same year. In turn the government ordered the release of all 1000 Suffragettes held in prison. ...read more.


They built planes, weapons and ammunition. This work was very unlikeable as the explosive powder made skin turn yellow and so the women were named 'Canaries'. Women could catch lung diseases and as safety precaution was extremely basic some women became unable to have children. However hundreds of thousands of women worked in these factories as they produced freedom for women and the wages were high at �3 per week. Many women also took up jobs in the motorcar industry, where they worked as drivers and mechanics. The army had realised how useful lorries cars and tanks could be in helping to win the war. Many women also took up jobs in the aeroplane industry and they took part in more clerical jobs such as postal workers, bank clerks and conductresses. ...read more.


When the war ended many women were sacked due to their strikes and complaints and women were urged to give up their jobs and return as housewives. The women who did not do this were often attacked and they were known as 'Heroines to Scroungers'. I believe that women did gain the vote due to their efforts during the war because we would not have won the war if it were not for women making munitions during the shortage and being nurses to save soldiers lives. Women not only gained the vote after the war, it was now acceptable for a woman to wear trousers and their clothing had become simpler and they wore shorter skirts and sleeves. I think that women gained more from the war than only the vote and I agree that their efforts helped not only win the war but they also gained the vote. ...read more.

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