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A computer system can be represented in either a logical or physical form. Both useful are in understanding computer system theory.

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Logical Representation Vs Physical System * A computer system can be represented in either a logical or physical form. * Both useful are in understanding computer system theory. Physical * The actual hardware as seen in the real life * Contains micro-electrons & physical mechanisms * Power by electricity * Very detailed & complex * Difficult to fully understand without a working knowledge of electronics Logical * A basic model of computer system * The model is built from a number of different blocks * Each block performs a different task * All blocks work together to process data into information * Model is conceptual Input Output Mouse Printer Keyboard Monitor Microphone Speakers Scanner Camera Input Device � An input device is a device which lets the user feeds data into the computer � It converts data into a ...read more.


� Stores processed data before it is output � Contents are filled by input devices, backing storage or the CPU � Data that needs to be saved is written to the backing storage. Backing Storage � The backing storage is usually non- temporary, although its contents may be deleted � It has loads previously stored data into the main memory � It has loads previously written programs into memory for processing by CPU � In the real world may be internal or external � It is usually mechanical (e.g. Hard Drive, CD or DVD Writer) which slows a computer system � Data is usually read/loaded or written/saved CPU � CPU stands for Central Processing Unit � The CPU is also known as the Processor � The CPU is like computer's brain � The speed of the CPU depends on the efficiency/ power of the computer system � The CPU consists of two sub-systems: The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) ...read more.


Four essential main pieces of hardware * CPU * RAM * Motherboard * Hard Drive The essential software is the operating system. Before can occur on a computer is input needs to take place from keyboard or mouse. To open word a message is sent to the operating system because that controls the hardware. When a program loads it has to come from somewhere this is a program called interrupts. When the CPU receives the interrupt it stops what it's doing and starts another process. The os asks the CPU system, CPU asks what wants to do, sends message get program word. Os needs to get from the hard drive. Then the os asks the CPU asks ram is there any space in the ram to run this program. Os yes or no, this point is where the CPU & HD & RAM are ready. Word is displayed on the screen. ...read more.

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