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Analysing Qualitative Interviews

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Analysing Qualitative Interviews The piece of data I am looking at is an extract from an observational report on a match between West Ham United and Millwall. The extract explores the way the crowd are dealt with, and how they respond to the police presence. The way to analyse this sort of data is by using qualitative analysis. "Qualitative analysis of data involves the non-numerical organisation of data in order to discover patterns, themes, forms and qualities found in interviews"(Adri Labuschagne, the Qualitative report 2003). To analyse the data you must create a table of common themes that occur during the extract. Themes Evidence in Observation Q.1-Theme 1 Chanting Theme 2 Crowds Surging Theme 3 Groups of hooligans gathered together The above were the results recorded for the question, 'Which actions of football supporters might result in fear of crime at a football match'. The important factor with qualitative research is that "categories are added to reflect as many of the nuances in the data as possible, rather than reducing them to a few numerical codes" (Pope, Ziebland, and Mays; Qualitative research 2000). ...read more.


His views will not be impartial and will sufferer from issues such as class, race and background. As the extract is subjective it is virtually impossible to accept it as the definitive view on football hooligans. Therefore the extract can easily be dismissed as inconclusive. Another problem with the observational data extract is that it is taken from ten years ago. Immediately this becomes irrelevant when looking at current 'fear of crime problems' However this data does become relevant when evaluating changes over time at football matches. If a similar piece of observational data was carried out now, then by comparing that with the one from ten years ago, we would be able to find out if the fear of crime is growing at football matches, or whether the problem is getting worse. One of the weaknesses with qualitative research is that it doesn't have the sample size of results. Therefore it can be considered to lack the weight of argument behind its results, then the size laden quantitative research. ...read more.


The analysis provides vital information on attitudes and satisfactions and so can help improve patient care. Likewise in the workplace it is used for similar reasons, and so can improve employee's environments. When qualitative research is used in the before mentioned places, it tends to be followed up with quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis establishes problems, and then quantitative analysis adds greater evidence of the problem. This means that Qualitative is not believed by many to be very scientific; people need further research carried out before they accept the results. In conclusion the observational extract highlights one persons view on the troubles at a football match. This view has been analyzed using qualitative methods and reveals the fears at a football match. Qualitative analysis highlights the true thoughts and attitudes felt at a football match. A better understanding of people's opinions and problems is obtained through qualitative analysis. As Adri Labuschagne writes "qualitative analysis seeks to capture the richness of people's experience in their own terms" (Adri Labuschagne, the Qualitative report 2003). ...read more.

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