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Analysis Spreadsheet Coursework

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Analysis I am going to carry out an analysis of the current system the school has and find out they need in the new system. The analysis will cover how I found out what is wrong with the current system and what is needed in the new system. It will also cover the alternate methods of solution. I used two different ways of collecting data about the database. The first was to hold an interview with the people that use the current system to see if it works in the way they need it to. The second way I collected data was to go to the school and watch the office staff use the current system and see how easy the current system is to use. The questions I asked during the interview with the staff were: * Do you find the current system easy to use? ...read more.


What is wrong with the current system? It takes too long to find information, It could easily be lost or destroyed and the cabinets take up too much space. Observation Notes Whilst I was at School I observed that the current system: * Took too long to get information from. * Took up a whole room full of filing cabinets. * Often had data missing which had been lost or destroyed. Alternative Methods of Solution Improving the current manual system To improve the current manual system I could: * Get the files put into folders * Get the Data kept Neat * Make sure There are copies of the Data in case of damage or loss * Make sure the data is put away after use * Make sure the data is easy to get to and not hidden away * Make sure all the folders and filing cabinets are labelled * Keep the Folders in alphabetical order to be able to find them easier. ...read more.


less space * Is easy to find * Is easy to access * Is easy to edit * Is easy to delete * Is quick to access * Is sorted into different tables so that its easier to find * Is all in one place and can be accessed from a computer at the receptionists desk. Disadvantages if using a database: * Some people could find it hard to use the database at first * It costs money to buy the computers and software to use a database * The users could need training to use the database I would use a Spreadsheet because it is easier to use than a database because you can put the data into graphs and charts to see it easier and also you can calculate sums automatically. Also a spreadsheet will take up less room than a manual system a lot tidier. Also data is a lot quicker to find on a spreadsheet than on a database or manual system. ...read more.

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