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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2622

Business Communication Case Study : Oxfam

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Business Studies Coursework Business Communication Case Study : Oxfam Oxfam needs to communicate with a range of individuals and organisations, including their suppliers, as well as their own employees. Good communication within Oxfam is essential if that business is to operate effectively. What is communication? Oxfam need to have good, clear paths of communication so that: * Everyone is clear about their objectives and tasks * There is a smooth and accurate communication both within Oxfam (internal communication) and between the organisation and other individuals, bodies and groups (external communication) for example the UN * Everyone in Oxfam is kept informed of developments and changes, usually through e-mails and memos * Ideas and views are clearly heard * New ideas can bubble up through Oxfam * People do not feel frustrated - 'nobody listens to me' * Oxfam and its members can respond quickly to new developments, etc foe example if there is a second earthquake a day after Oxfam has been there, which destroys most of there equipment The communication process The process of communication involves a transmitter (sender) sending messages to receivers. A transmitter should put information into a form the receivers can understand; this might involve oral, written or visual messages. The process is known as encoding. The transmitter chooses a particular medium to use, to send messages to the receivers - letter, report, fax, phone call, e-mail, web site, etc. The receivers then interpret the messages through a process of decoding. ...read more.


* A day-to-day trading function- To transact Oxfam's daily commercial relationships e.g. making orders, buying goods, making enquires about goods being offered. * A transparency function- Today, it is often important that outsiders can see what is happening inside Oxfam so they know the company is carrying out its business in a true and fair way e.g. by providing tools and food with people stricken with poverty. Types of external communication The Telephone The most frequently used from of external verbal communication is the telephone. Its great benefit is that it is fast and allows people who would find it difficult to meet to converse. Oxfam use telephones a lot for example to order new tools etc. A telephone call may be the first point of contact an outsider has with the organisation. A problem with the phone call that if a bad impression is created through the first call, it may be very difficult to correct. To stop this happening the organisation needs to develop a telephone technique that makes the caller feel at ease and that creates the impression of efficiency is always very important. If Oxfam staff, have to make a telephone call, they make sure: * They have all the necessary information to hand. * They know whom to talk to. * They are prepared to leave a message on an answering machine, if necessary. * They speak clearly. Interviews Another form of external verbal communication is an interview with someone or some people outside the organisation; this could involve people who are interested in something Oxfam has done or going to do (e.g. ...read more.


use the phone or a letter to speak with people on the other side of the world, instead they use e-mail and web camera's. People use these forms of communication because they are cheap and very quick. In organisations such as Oxfam, ICT is used all the time for many reasons such as: * The use of networked databases to replace the paper system. * The use of an Internet web site to create a communications link between Oxfam and its global allies. * The use of the Internet to research new ideas and find out how current operations in the field are doing. * The use of a website an example of their front page is given overleaf. ICT has already had a huge impact on the global economy, for example bringing businesses together from all over the world; ICT has transformed production systems on a worldwide scale. As the Internet expansion increases, so too will the knowledge revolution- leading to knock-on affect that have the potential to transform businesses in new and unforeseen ways. All companies advertising on the Internet such as Oxfam are trying to create user-friendly systems for their customers to use, these user-friendly systems should be clear for people to use with noticeable buttons and be quick and understandable, also the web sites should have things on the site that will keep people coming back to the site, such as free offers, competitions etc. Oxfam mange to do this effectively, by being with clear, and easy to use, with a search bar to access information regarding your search. John Kemery ...read more.

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