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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1902

Communicating information.

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Communicating information. Planning my presentation For my written report I have decided to use a word processing package, Microsoft Word, to do it. I have decided to use Microsoft Word. I think that it has all the tools that I need in order to produce a written report, which contains fill-effects, borders and other tools that will enable me to make my report look as interesting and professional as possible. For the interactive presentation I am going to use Notebook to create a website. I have decided to use Notebook and not Microsoft FrontPage because I do not like the way in which FrontPage alters the html that you have written and I prefer to write the html myself. The marketing research company have asked me to present my findings with regards to the most popular games, they have also asked me to produce a written report, which includes information on the most popular games and the popularity with teenagers. For this presentation I am going to use Microsoft Word and produce an A4 written report on the games. The second part of the assignment from the marketing research company is to produce an interactive presentation, which must be a minimum of five pages and contain information on the games such as the types of games, equipment they use, prices, restrictions on buying, popularity and best buys. ...read more.


Therefore the </H1></Table> and </marquee> end the heading, the table ends and so does the marquee. If the tags were not closed then everything after it would end up having those attributes. <br><br> These tags very simply state that there is to be a break in the code, it effectively works as pressing return would in a Word document. <font face="Palatino Linotype" size="4" color="#00CCFF" > The font face is the style of font used, the size is how large the font should appear to be, the color is simply the colour of the writing. This page contains information on the games from the top ten list, which have an Elspa of universal. This means that the games shown on this page are suitable for children and adults of any age. All of this is the writing which is actually seen. </center> This tag ends the centered writing. <valign="left"> This tag states that from now on all writing is to be aligned to the left of the screen. <hr><br> <hr> states that there is to be a line going through the page. <H2><u><b>Super Mario Sunshine</u></b></H2><br> <H2> is just a different sized heading, <b></b> means that all the writing in between the two tags will be bold. ...read more.


The bar allows users to go to any page at any time, it also allows them to e-mail me with comments whenever they want as well as visit a related site. At first I started out using a frameset for the side bar and the main part of the page. However, this didn't work out how I wanted it to. When I put a link in the side bar, I wanted for the link to open up in the main page, instead the link would open up in the side bar and the main page would be left as it was. To create the wording, I used Word Art. I changed the colours of the writing by using fill effects. To get the pictures behind the text, I simply altered their layout to 'behind text'. I inserted the pictures from a file, which contained them. I had already created the graph in Excel, which was from the previous modelling assignment. I opened the Excel document then copied the graph and pasted it into the Word document. I then cropped and resized the graph so that it would fit onto the page. I saved this and all other files that are to do with this assignment in a folder. This was so that it would be easy to find everything. Here is that folder: Hanna Cheung Exam number: 8032 Centre name: SHCC Centre number: 56515 ...read more.

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