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Computers: Are they an advantage or a disadvantage for young people?

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Computers: Are they an advantage or a disadvantage for young people? This is a very controversial subject as computers are becoming increasingly more and more popular, and, in some cases, necessary in our society. Although many have embraced and accepted the dawning of this new computer age, others have rejected it for one reason or another but one group of people who still have the decision to use or not to use computers is young people. There are classes taught to young people about computers, there are resources for them and there are many advantages that come from using computers, but there are also disadvantages. Education is a big part of young people's lives' nowadays and computer technology also crops up in this department. It has been suggested that computers can make study of some school subjects easier and/or more interesting. Here I will have to agree, this is a big advantage of using computers for education, there are hundreds of helpful guiding websites on the internet which aid and encourage education. The internet is much more organised and information can be found on it much more easily than, for example, looking for a book in a library. ...read more.


Most of these injuries and disorders are easily repaired and they only occur with continuous use of computers. Usually they will appear in people who work with computers in offices all day however many businesses and organisations are now expected to offer several helpful conditions to prevent the cause of these injuries, such as many more breaks when using the computers. In my opinion this situation doesn't really affect young people as they normally won't spend all day on the computer. Even if they study Information Technology or Computer Studies at school they will only spend about two hours and twenty minutes working on computers at the most. This will probably affect older people rather than younger people. I agree that computers are expensive to buy and they can go out of date quickly. Computers are very expensive to buy these days and usually, when you do buy them you'll have to buy other forms hardware such as printers and speakers, which can be very expensive as well as software to run your computer, and once you have purchased all this produce it will soon go out of date. ...read more.


In the future, if computers become more popular we could end up not needing to write with our hands and nearly all transactions, businesses and communication will be carried out over computers. With computers being so easily affected by viruses and being extremely involuntary this could be a very dangerous situation. Another big disadvantage of young people using computers is that some young people may come in contact with paedophiles over the internet and if they meet with these people in real life they could be physically and psychologically damaged. Also if any private information is given out over the internet, financial and personal information can be exploited which could ruin a person's life. Usually young people will fall victim in these situations as they are more gullible and na�ve and more easily convinced that what they are told is truth. I think that computers can be very dangerous and disadvantageous machines, especially when young people use them, but since they have become so important and almost essential in our society they will always be used and probably more frequently by young people, disregarding the possible consequences of using them. ...read more.

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