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Coursework 1A

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Mark Sheet Catalogues Completed Draft 1 Draft 2 Final Draft Mark Description Awarded by Student Awarded by Teacher Comments State the purpose of the work ? ? Use different types of information from a range of IT & non-IT sources ? Search for information using multiple criteria ? Use hyperlinks or refined searches ? Use editing techniques Use formatting techniques Experiment with layouts and choose an appropriate layout Include text images and numbers in the work Show consistency throughout the work Use a spellchecker and proof reader Save the work using appropriate folders and file names Derive new information for inclusion in the work Write down how the development matches the purpose of the work Comparing my own use of IT with other methods Describing the advantages and disadvantages of using IT Working safely, taking care of equipment and avoiding losing information Identifying errors I have encountered and their causes How I can minimise the risk of viruses How to work safely and minimise health risks Section A State the purpose of the work The catalogue I have had to produce has had a very specific purpose in its creation. The reason I have completed this work was so that I could ensure a successful marketing campaign for my band, TORN. The catalogue I produced was thusly fully produced for the band in order to help with the product sales, and thus has been developed to be given to fans to convey useful information and product details. ...read more.


This gave me the idea to include a tour schedule within my catalogue. These two catalogues can be seen included with the task. As can be seen from my ultimate logo choice, the physical catalogue has influenced me greatly in my design choice. This can be seen most clearly in my choice of logo, seeing as it is purple, as purple seemed to work well for the 'Gadget shop.' Websites I have used, such as www.bandbonanza.com, www.bandmerchandise.com, or individual group sites were very helpful in aiding me during the production of my catalogue by way of explaining the different prices I should set band merchandise at. www.amazon.co.uk has helped me even more through pricing, as it has allowed me to check certain products, and see how much they are expected to sell for, however, this website had limited usefulness when it comes to checking products such as shirts, so I can also say that while the internet and IT sources may be useful to an extent, they should not be solely relied upon, because they are not always accurate, let alone easy to find information on. As well as utilising internet sources, I have also made sure that I have as much information as possible on topics that are vitally important to the safety and security of my catalogue and project. ...read more.


If I were to specify by typing 'Band OR Merchandise,' then the computer would do the opposite, and search for any website containing 'band,' and then any website containing 'merchandise,' separately, not together. Finally, if I only wanted the merchandise, and not information about songs as is included on many sites, I could type 'Band Merchandise NOT Songs,' thus searching for any website with band merchandise, yet eliminating any website from the search that has song in it, making it much more sensible, as many sites that talk about and concentrate on songs will be eliminated. Also, in order to even further specify what I want to search for, I could make use of inverted commas. For example, if I wanted to search for "Band Merchandise Sales" and had it in inverted commas, it would search for each word in that specific order with the exact spelling, thus purely refining the search to exactly what I want. All of these ways will greatly specify all of my hit levels and amounts, making it even easier for me to find any of the information I desire at a much more useful level. Use hyperlinks or refined searches In order to obtain images for use in my catalogue, I have had to utilise internet hyperlinks in order to get pictures that I can use correctly. The three screenshots that can be found below show how I have used internet hyperlinks in order to obtain images. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT Coursework 1A MyName Dartford Grammar School - 1 - ...read more.

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