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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3741

Create a system for a car show room's business.

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GCSE ICT Full Course Coursework - Project 2 INTRODUCTION I plan to create a system for a car show room's business. I will be doing this for my father's car sales show room. I plan to make him a new system on the computer and to enter all his information of the different information on the cars he is selling on to this new system. This system is only to be used by my dad or his partner and not by the customers. They need a new system because he does not have a good system at the moment he doesn't have folders for all the cars he is selling or that he has sold and most are kept in one box which is quite hard to find. By creating this system he will be much more organised for when customers come in as he can do searches of cars if they are interested in a certain type or even search by price etc. This means it does not take him ages to find information of one car and it will be more professional and a lot easier to read off. IDENTIFICATION OF THE PROBLEM These are the following problems that my user has come across: 1. As the users current documentation is all kept in files in a filing cabinet, in date order, it is extremely hard for a user to find a car that a customer wants, which has a certain feature e.g. car type, colour, price etc. as they have no order you need to sort through all the files to find the car to suit the customer's wanted feature. A database would allow the user to sort the information how they wish so they can easily do searches for certain features. 2. As files can be taken out easily by anyone who works with the files it is easy for anyone to forget they have not put the file back or to take it away by mistake leading the file to get lost or misplaced. ...read more.


It is cheaper and preloaded onto many new computers and it is easy to learn how to use. Its disadvantages are that they only have limited features compared to single application and not many advanced features. When you open up works you open up all of them. It is a larger application with more memory so it can move information from one application to another application. Although if a part of this isn't working it could affect other parts. * Suite software e.g. office professional- A suite gives you a database, spreadsheet and a word processor but they are individual so you can load up one at a time. Its advantages are that you can easily move information from one application to another and if one part goes wrong you can still use the other parts. I have chosen to use a single application because they are simple to use as I use these frequently and they are already loaded at school, it is also easy to transfer documents to my home system and if one application is not working it does not affect the others. HARDWARE NEEDED Hardware 1 Hardware 2 Chosen Reason Laser Jet Ink jet Laser jet A laser jet is a lot faster to print out documents and reports. A large number of printouts can be done using a single toner cartridge, so it is not necessary to frequently buy cartridges. Mouse - It is easier to select items and start tasks by clicking icons or menus rather than typing in commands, it is a faster method to help you move around a document. Keyboard - Most computers have this device attached to it and a skilled typist can input data very quickly. Processor: 1Ghz Celeron - It carries out the instructions of a computer program. Monitor: SVGA 15 inch - To display the data that I have entered. Hard disk drive: 20 Gb - This stores all the data allowing you to read and add to it at any time. ...read more.


Your justification needs to relate the advantages of the chosen type of form to the query/table it is based upon and what it is to be used for. For example if you are producing a report of a query that sorts the data as a list of customers for example then you would choose a tabular report as you can see a number of different customers at a time. Whereas if you were producing a report to show all the fields of each customer then a columnar report would be chosen as it may not be possible to fit all the fields at the top of a tabular report. Your reasons for choosing one type of report over another must be directly related to your database and your requirements. Justification of Chosen Design As with your form designs you must justify the chosen design discussing advantages and disadvantages of each design. REJECTED DESIGN ADVANTAGES/ DISADVANTAGES CHOSEN DESIGN ADVANTAGES/ DISADVANTAGES Field layout Adv. Forename field is first as it this is the order a name is read in Disadv. Does not allow it to be sorted properly Field layout Adv. Surname field is first as it is sorted on this field Disadv. None Font Adv. Plain font Disadv. Font is too small for some people to read Font Adv. Font is plain and big enough to be read by most people Fields Adv. All fields are included Disadv. Gender field is not needed for this purpose Fields Adv. Only those fields that are needed are included making report easier to read. You will then write a short paragraph stating the chosen design and why it was chosen. OUTPUT DESIGNS - MAIL MERGE LETTER You will do exactly the same for your mail merge letter as you did for your chosen report designs. i.e. a table showing the advantages and disadvantages of each design and a written justification of the chosen one. Mrs. Hogsden WESTCLIFF HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 16637 Jenny James 9058 A1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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