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Creating a magazine.

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Analyse Hardware The hardware that I am using shall be a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard and a central processing unit, (CPU). I shall also be using a printer. The mouse is an input devise, which shall help me move around the software that shall be using. The keyboard is also input devise that shall be used to put information into the central processing unit. The printer which I am using is an output devise, to print out my ruff work and my final coursework (Magazine). If I had access to any thing I would use a scanner, as I can use this input devise to scan information into the computer, quickly. If I didn't have this devise I would have to write up all information by hand, which would be time consuming. I would also have a colour printer, as my coursework is full of colours and has many affects like faded text and distorted pictures. Software The software that I am going to use is Microsoft publisher. The reason that I shall be using Microsoft publisher is manly the features, as the pictures can have special affects such as fading and colour to greyscale controls, and can be changed easily and affectively. ...read more.


* Page 4 and 5 shall contain information and pictures of new and second hand drum kits for sale. * Page 6 shall be a basic guide on how to customise your drum kit. * Page 7 shall be based on the competition called "Drum off" in the article it shall give a brief description of what it is about and how you can enter it. Method of collection Drum kits for sale - I shall achieve this by researching on the internet and in other magazines to find drum kits that are on sale. Justin Foley information - To find out information about Justin Foley I read his autobiography and then followed it up by doing research on the internet. Drum off competition - Getting facts on this competition was hard, so I stuck entirely to the internet searching on "Google" for appropriate web sites. Method of data entry I will type up all the information on my keyboard, (this is an input devise), that has been received by my research. The information that I find from the internet, I shall cut and past, as it is quick and easy. After that I shall edit my data so it fits my needs better. ...read more.


Another way for computers to protect themselves from viruses is to backup files. But if you want to have a really safe backup, it is a good idea to save the copy onto a separate network. Another reason to back up a file is because of human errors, and due to the fact that hard drives can fail, this happens on average every 27 months. Files can also be protected by using passwords, and restricting access. A good way of protecting a file is to save a copy onto a hard copy such as a memory stick or a floppy disk. Encrypting files is very useful as it can stop people from viewing your data who are not authorised, only users that have key codes can view the data. Encryption is most useful when sending data over a WAN system. Encryption is often used with online businesses to protect customer's confidential financial data. My computer will be secure as I have a personal password, which protects all my software. To be more secure I would have to install a firewall and a new security system, but this is not allowed on school computers. Instead of this I save my work on a password protected memory stick. ?? ?? ?? ?? Eddie Griffin 10c ...read more.

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