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Data flow diagram

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Data flow diagram A customer orders some videos from Eddies store. All customers are given 30 days credit. The customer is looked up on the customer file, and if they are a new customer, then their details will be stored there so then they can return to buy more videos. ...read more.


An invoice is printed and given to the customer along with the video just so they know how long they have it for and what the price is. This is just a bit of evidence so they don't get overcharged or undercharged. Details of the sales are stored in the sales file so he can see what is happening with the sales of each and every one of his various types of videos. ...read more.


Below is a table with all of the processes, inputs and outputs that I have based my data flow diagram on. Project Input Process Output Video shop system Details of video members, details of video and loan returns Query to find overdue videos, most popular videos, monthly loans etc Reminder to members about overdue video(s), reports on most popular videos, monthly loans etc ...read more.

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