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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3243

Describe a wide range of technologies used by an adult in employment, with evaluation of the extent to which these meet their needs and have affected working style I am going to describe 3 technologies and the features used by an IT Consultant.

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Describe a wide range of technologies used by an adult in employment, with evaluation of the extent to which these meet their needs and have affected working style I am going to describe 3 technologies and the features used by an IT Consultant. The following technologies are described below: Internet The five features of the internet:- * Email * Internet Telephony * Corporate Multimedia Messenger (Cisco Sometime Connect) * Search Engines * VPN (Virtual Private Network) The internet is significant in every workplace and used on a daily basis by many employees to do the following: 1) Email Email is electronic mail which allows us to receive & send electronic messages from anyone any were on the internet. Personal/at work: At home she uses email to send messages to her friends and family members .The IT Consultant needs to send and receive emails on a daily basis from her customers. She needs to respond to urgent queries on a regular basis by email. She will need to receive important information from other people in the same organisation. How she uses the email: Her first task on a daily basis would be to turn on her computer and open up Microsoft Outlook. Once she opens up her Outlook she will check all the emails she has received in her inbox. She would then right click on all the urgent mails and tag them with a red importance flag. She would then respond to all the urgent queries immediately. All remaining emails will be moved to her regular inbox to be viewed at a later time. The advantage of email and doe it meet her needs? The advantage of email is that it allows her to respond immediately to her messages and it's very fast. Yes; it meets her needs because without email she will not get the information of her customers and she does not have time to talk to every person separately, by email she can respond to all her customers or colleagues very easily. ...read more.


Advantages of internet from a mobile phone and does it meet her needs? Advantage of internet excess from her mobile phone is that it allows her to have internet excess when she's travelling. Yes; it meets her needs because it allows her to use the internet from where ever she is and very easily. 3) Diary - Contact details Another key feature of the blackberry is being able to access the same contacts from your computer. Personal use/Social use/at work: The It consultant will access her calendar from her blackberry phone when she is on the go .She will view her calendar at work by selecting it to view how many appointments she has with her customer's on each day and she has the dates of birthdays of her friends on her calendar so that she doesn't forget . She will look up her contacts from her phone when she needs to contact her customer's, colleagues and she knows that her personal numbers would be safe. She uses the diary by going to the main menu and selecting on diary by doing this she can see her calendar and her appointments and then she selects contacts so she can see all her numbers and presses the ones she wants to call. Advantage of dairy and does it meet her needs? The advantage of dairy is that she can keep all her contacts in her phone so that she does not have to dial a number when she wants to contact a specific person. Yes; it meets her needs because without dairy it would be hard for her to remember her appointments time and date. 4) Voice Recorder The voice recorder feature allows the IT consultant to record her important meetings and listen to them later on. Personal use/Social use/at work: She selects the Voice recorder feature from her phone when going to a customer or internal meeting at work. ...read more.


So she does not have go to the technical support people with her computer she can just have it fixed through the video conference. So if she has any computer at home that's not working properly she can fix it easily from home too. How she uses Online Technical Support: For this the IT consultant (with the infected computer) will establish the video conferencing session with the support engineers using the WebEx application. The computer access will then be granted to the engineers. They get the real time information of the problem from the consultant and try to fix it remotely. Advantages of Online Technical Support and does it meet her needs? The advantage is that it saves a lot of money because she does not have to receive her support by travelling to the support engineers. Yes; it meets her needs because she can get her problem fixed quicker without leaving her pace. 5) Online Customer Service Online customer service is a service provided online from which you can purchase or show your product online. Personal use/at work At work she uses Online Customer Service to show the demo of her new product online and she also uses it to help the customers in filling up the application forms etc over the internet. She also uses it if she herself wants to buy a product it makes it very easy for to see and know about the product properly. How she uses Online Customer Service She would open the video conferencing application and will show the usage of the product online to the customer. She can also help the customer to fill up the application forms while being in the video conferencing session with them. Advantages of Online Customer Service and does it meet her needs? The advantages are it increases customer trust, improves customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. Yes; it meets her needs because she can increase her online revenue with higher conversion rates and larger order sizes. Unit 3 ICT Iqra Amir AMI09003497 CENTRE NO: 13227 ...read more.

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