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Design-ICT Modelling CW

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Design I have completed my analysis of the current system; therefore I will be interviewing, observing and identifying the user requirements. In addition, the success criteria have been successfully accomplished. These steps will help me with the design of my new system before it is implemented: Worksheets: Most of the system will be based around worksheets. Here is a list of the ones that I will produce. * Main Menu - This will be the menu giving access to all the worksheets stored in the system. * Ordering- This worksheet will be the most frequently used one because it is where customers choose the halls, the decorators, caterers, music artists, venues, bars. They want to buy as well as give their personal details and available budget. This worksheet will also give the individual costs of each item available for purchase and allow calculations to be made by the spreadsheet based on the products that are chosen. ...read more.


These will be used to give the profits made by the business every month so they know how they are progressing as a business. Macros: The macros will be used to navigate between different worksheets can be done faster if buttons are formed within every worksheet. These buttons will be the names of every worksheet so the user can click on the name of the worksheet to open it up instantly without having to open up a list of all worksheets as they will already be listed. Algorithms: Many calculations need to be made by the spreadsheet and this is only possible when formulae are programmed into cells. Formulae are needed because without them, the staff would need to make every calculation themselves which would take a lot of time. Therefore, formulae are the solution to this problem as they work out the calculations. Testing: Once the new spreadsheet system has been made and everyone is pleased with the worksheets, graphs, macros and formulae created, I will need to test my new system in order to check whether it accomplishes all the success criteria given. ...read more.


the following processes: * Search for the Venue, decorator, caterer and music artist available * Calculate total prices and recalculate when the booking is changed * Increasing the quantity of the Venue, decorator, caterer and music artist available * Collecting information and calculating the profits based on the number of sales and costs. Outputs The system should be able toproduce a number of outputs from this information: * An invoice for every sale which the company keeps. This invoice should give the name of the customer, the customer's contact number or address and the bookings made and total price of the booking sold as well as the date of the sale. * A receipt after a booking is made to give to the customer. * Graphs showing profit made at different times so my client is aware of how the business is progressing. * Reports showing models that have been newly bought venues or contract with new decorator, caterer and music artists Hierarchy Flowchart ?? ?? ?? ?? Jayprashant Jeyachandran 11R ...read more.

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