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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2709

Design Section

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Design Section Information Requirements I will need different types of information about this product such as what phone model it is, Colour, Details (If it has Bluetooth and internet) and price. I shall also need to find different specification etc - Colour. I will use primary and secondary research. I will ask the general public and look at other shops and the internet. I am doing this because I want to see what other people charge and what other people think is fair and is the right price. Software to be used There are two software's I could use to make the systems are; * Database - I could use this software as it will be able to save all my data so it will be very useful for this project. The data I shall have if things such as the customers details, Phone details and also a Data File. This should be able to organize my collection of Data. I could also make things likes fields and records. The key field contains an item of data that is unique to that record so no records have the same value in the key field. Also with databases you can search them quickly to specific data so this saves a lot of time. I can use to different types on database and relational databases which would be very good for my system. I can also include sorts, queries and reports so this gives me a various amount of options. * Spreadsheet - Spreadsheets can be used in many ways. ...read more.


* What must be included - Microsoft Excel this will allow me to include most things such as; Macro's, input messages, output messages and different types of forms. * What it must look like - Microsoft excel will help me make the system look presentable as it has a variety of colours I can choose from. Also it has good fonts such as; Arial or times new roman. Microsoft excel also allows me to use clipart if needed. * What it must do formulae and functions you will need to use to make outputs and calculations happen - * Will a user guide be needed - Microsoft Excel would let me create a user guide by using a fresh new tab on the system then I could write all the information on that page. Process Table Process Function Table = Statements on Staff Login Page This process will determine the amount of what will be in the process box as it depends what cells I link to it. IF and = Statements help me or the user will out calculations very quickly so this is very easy for me to do. Also if the cell changes the = of if statement cell will automatically change Macro on Staff Login Page This process will automatically link with another page so when you click on it takes you to another page. I am using it for the customer's satisfaction so it will save time as it is an easy transport to a different page. ...read more.


on Customer Details Page House Phone, Telephone and D.O.B. Typing into cell letters or abbreviations An error message should appear telling the user to you only numbers please 7a - Model, Make, Colour, Talktime, Cost, General on Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsonn and Samsung Page Model, Make, Colour, Talktime, Cost, General Using VLOOKUP to refer to the cells so it will appear on the next page It should come up as normal and showing all the stuff in the table 7b - Model, Make, Colour, Talktime, Cost, General on Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsonn and Samsung Page Model, Make, Colour, Talktime, Cost, General Typing into the cells instead of using VLOOKUP An error message should appear as this....#NAME 8a - List boxes on Extras Page List boxes Linking the format control to the right cell The cell should change to true of false 8b - List boxes on Extras Page List boxes Not using Format control Nothing will happen as it will be linked to nothing. 9a - = Statements on Extras Page = statements Typing in the right = statement It should come up as normal either saying its price or 0. 9b - = Statements on Extras Page =statements Using spaces or different types of abbreviations except for commas and brackets An error box comes up explaining what you have done wrong with a various amount of options 10a - Spinner on delivery page spinner Left click on the spinner and it should go up and down It should go up and down 10b - Spinner on delivery page spinner Right click on the spinner and it should go up and down Nothing would happen as you are right clicking the spinner Edward Asaggar 11 Ward Mr Evans AQA Assignment ...read more.

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