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Do Pointe shoes affect the nerves in your feet?

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Title: Do Pointe shoes affect the nerves in your feet? Introduction: The purpose of experiment was to determine whether or not Pointe shoes make a person's feet more or less sensitive then if someone does not wear Pointe shoes. The scientific purpose of this experiment is to determine whether or not Pointe shoes affect the sensitivity of your feet and make it so that people can not feel pressure as much as people who do not go on Pointe. There is no other information available on this topic. This was determined when no information was found on this subject online. Hypothesis: If sensitivity of your feet is related to going on Pointe, then people who go on Pointe will have less sensitive feet then people who do not go on Pointe. ...read more.


They then should go up by increments of 1mm until the biggest distance is 12mm. 4) I poked a pin through each dot until each paper had 2 pins in it with a labeled distance between them. 5) Then, lightly poke someone's toes with the pins. Start at a random distance between pins. Then gradually choose smaller or larger increments. Find the greatest increment where the person feels only one point when two are touching. 6) Do this for the rest of the toes. Try this on someone who is en Pointe and someone who is not. Data: Toes 1 2 3 4 5 Right-not on Pointe 4mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm Right-on Pointe 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm Left-not on Pointe 1mm 1mm 3mm 2mm 3mm Left-on Pointe 12mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 10mm Toes 1mm 2mm ...read more.


But there were many limitations during this experiment. For one thing, it was not possible to receive data from other sources. This data came from only two sources (Justina Coe and Sylvia Dziewulak). That is one way this experiment could have been improved. Another way is if more time was allowed. Then it would have been possible to test the two people involved in this experiment several more times to make sure that there were no errors in the data. Another experiment that could also be done on this topic is whether the nerves are damaged from the pressure from Pointe shoes or if the calluses are just preventing the full feeling of the pins. Conclusion: Pointe shoes do affect the sensitivity of feet. Justina Coe January 31, 2003 Science 2 Lab Report ...read more.

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