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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3093

'East Down Sports Company' - design a new computer based ordering system

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Background 'East Down Sports Company' specialises in sports and leisure clothing as well as sports and casual footwear. These products are available at knock down prices and can be viewed in the company's catalogue which is distributed to all its customers. Once the customer has decided on the product(s) that they desire, they send the order slip back to the company. The company then processes the order form and determines whether or not the item(s) are in stock. The item is then distributed to the customer within a time limit of no more than two weeks. The customer will be required to pay �2.50 postage and packaging on all orders. Mr Kevin Smith is the proprietor of this privately owned business and started it as a part time venture. The business, however, rapidly grew over the past few years and can ship goods to any destination in Ireland. The company warehouses are based in Downpatrick and have goods imported from the United States. The company will then check the stock for the particular product when the orders are received. If the product is in stock, they will process the order and send the goods and invoice to the customer. If the product, however, is not in stock the company will inform the customer through a letter or an e-mail. The customer then has the choice of ordering another product or deleting the previous order. The company in the past have used marketing strategies such as advertising in local newspapers and on the radio. This led to a sharp increase in the amount of business the company receives. The owner, Mr Smith, now feels that the amount of clerical and administrative work is far too much for him to cope with. For the past few years the business has totally been run on a paper-based system which stored records of customers, suppliers, products and orders received. ...read more.


With a computerised interface Mr. Smith would be able to bring up records of information for each customer, such as what a customer has bought a lot of or a little of, or whether the customer has bought anything out of his/her usual trend. The indirect data could be used to influence the type of catalogue sent to a particular customer. For example, if a customer mainly buys sports tops from the catalogue a catalogue can be designed with just sports tops and equipment and it can then be sent to this particular customer. Stock Record Updating (GREEN) The stock process is probably one of the most simple, yet arduous tasks within the whole of Mr. Smiths current system. Although it is the hardest it could easily be turned into the easiest with the appropriate use of ICT. If Mr. Smith uses ICT within his workspace every order he sends using his system will be logged and all of the stock records will be adjusted automatically, and before Mr. Smith may have had to keep a constant tally of all of the stock items he has sold within a week, or a month, but with the use of ICT all of his stock levels can be monitored practically every minute of every day. This will be especially useful because when it comes to ordering all of his stock from his suppliers in America he can e-mail all of his required items, and if that fails he can call the suppliers up with the order on screen and simply dictate what is needed to replenish his stock. When Mr. Smith receives his stock orders he can use his computer system to update his stock levels much quicker than it would be to do it manually. . Analysis of The New, ICT Based System Why A New System? Mr. Smith wants to change to a new, ICT based system, and judging from what I have discussed in the previous analysis it is obvious that a computerised system for Mr. ...read more.


From the process order form the stock can be updated by deducting whatever stock has been ordered. The bill is attached to the product it is posted to the customer who receives his/her product and pays the price on the bill. From the bills produced the computer can keep records and then produce a sales summary report either weekly or monthly. Taking up from the updated stock again, Mr. Smith can choose to reorder. If he does the computer can print of an order form, which Mr. Smith can then send to his supplier and they will reply with the suggested products. Also from the updated stock Mr. Smith can print off stock reports every month or week again. All of the processes explained above are constantly monitored and backed up onto hard disk, with backups made onto magnetic tape every week, or automatically every night even. System Requirements For the system to operate certain software and hardware is needed. The most up to date software and hardware should be used so that Mr. Smith finds his system easy to use and so that he has all the new facilities and so his system operates quickly. Hardware Requirements * CPU * Monitor * Printer * Mouse * Keyboard * Modem (for internet connection) * Internet connection line Software Requirements * Microsoft Windows XP (Home or Professional) * Office XP (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage) * ISP (internet service provider) Data Requirements In order for Mr. Smith's business to run successfully he will need to have adequate data requirements which will have to be relevant to his needs. These are the data requirements he will need for the: 1. Customer * Customer ID * First name * Surname * Address * Post code * Payment method * Contact number * E-mail address * Sex 2. Supplier * Supplier ID * Surname * Address * Phone/Fax * E-mail address 3. Product * Brand * Price * Type * Size * Sex * Product ID * Image * Colour 1. Data Requirements ORDER STOCK BILLING Colm Milligan 07/05/2007 Module 3 Coursework ...read more.

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