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Edexcel GCSE ICT Word - Identify

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GCSE COURSEWORK - IDENTIFY Introduction to the problem Bucks Hockey Club is a successful and friendly hockey club based in Buckinghamshire, England. The club currently has 100 paid members and the number of members is increasing each year, due to the popularity of the sport and the first class facilities. There are currently 5 senior and veteran sides offering elite, development and social hockey to all ages, and a colts section providing coaching and matches for children aged 4-18. There are currently six members of staff plus Mr. Fielding four full time employees that are responsible for the front desk and kit shop and two part time employees who rotate shifts to man the bar and caf´┐Ż. Opening hours 10:30am-8:00pm Monday to Saturday. Mr. Bob fielding, the owner finds it increasingly difficult to manage the day to day running of the club due to the increasing number of members. Currently all business and administrative tasks which involves using many different types of stationery for communicating information, are manual. This current system is not suitable as it is time consuming and not cost effective for an expanding club. Bob feels the introduction of IT is a must in order to make the club run efficiently and free his time so he can concentrate on coaching the colts. So therefore he has hired me, a local IT expert to introduce and manage the new IT system. Currently all administration tasks include: * Sending memos to the coaches and staff. ...read more.


* User friendly: Mr. Fielding would like all of the documents to be easily accessible from his computer therefore should be a homepage (launcher menu) where all the documents needed are attached to it using macro buttons. Therefore they are easily accessible on the computer * Accounts & Invoicing: A self-calculating invoice that has fill-in fields, therefore you can't miss any vital customer information and would also ensure against any calculating errors. * Eliminate errors: All document templates are required to be easy to fill in and their format should reduce the possibility of input error. * Consistency: Mr. Fielding would like me to produce a series of high quality templates to replace his current stationery: a memo, a fax, a membership form, an invoice and a standard membership renewals letter. All stationery will also carry club Logo. This will ensure there is a consist style and enhance the image of the Club * Marketing: They would like to be able to produce their own marketing material in house. All marketing material should have a fixed colour scheme and a logo. Therefore establishing Bucks Hockey Club with a recognisable theme and brand image. The logos will be used throughout their correspondence, stationary, and all marketing material e.g. flyers, posters and etc. * Cost effective & labour reducing: All letters and correspondence should be mail merged, document automated and be changed to templates. All this will save time, save money, it also would look professional and be environmentally friendly as they won't have to waste paper on photocopying. ...read more.


* Security: The documents should be saved on the computer as it will be safer there and easier to find than in a filing cabinet, it also takes less room. * Software: A word processing package contains a tool called the mail merge. This allows data from a source such as a list of customers to be merged into a standard document. Each record in the data source would create a separate document thus preventing the need to load a new document each time and add the specific details. This would be ideal for the payment deadline/overdue letter. You can embed and link other files into a word document. This would be ideal for a self calculating invoice. * Staff & training: Existing staff need to be trained on how to use word processing software. Conclusion: A word possessing package would be most appropriate for the solution of this problem. Objectives * The invoice must calculate automatically * Documents must be easy to access via a main menu * Letters must be mail merged * Data entry into all of the documents must be made easy with document automentation, fill-ins and etc, and enable the inputted data to be placed in the correct location without user input error * All documents should be turned into templates so the same design and layout is used in all the documents * All documents should have the same logo and colour scheme. * There must be a homepage and all the documents required, e.g. invoice, letter should be attached using macros and can be easily accessed with the click of a button. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kiran D.S.Thind ...read more.

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