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Email and Email Security.

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Email Email, Or Electronic Mail, Is Becoming More And More Popular As People Learn To Communicate Again With Written Words. For Many Purposes It Is Superior To A Phone Call Because You Don't Have To Catch The Person In And You Can Get Straight To The Point. No Time Is Wasted On Casual Conversation. It Also Leaves A Written Record To Refer Back To For A Response Or If You Forget Who Said What. Email Is Superior To The Traditional Office Memo Because It Uses No Paper (Save The Trees!!) And It Can Be Sent To A Whole List Of People Instantly. Purpose: Transmitting Messages Between Computer Users Major Advantage: Speed For Communication And The Lower Cost . Major Disadvantage: You Don't Know If The Receiver Actually Reads It, Though You Can Find Out If They Received It. Of Course In A Phone Conversation You Don't Really Know If The Person Is Actually Listening Either! With No Body Language Or Vocal Intonations It Is Difficult To Convey The Emotional Tone You Want. Introduction to Email Security Today email is so widely used that it has become the default means of communication where the correspondents feel that they can discuss matters that can be kept between them. ...read more.


SSL is a transport-layer protocol developed to secure TCP/IP-based protocols such as Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), Post Office Protocol (POP), and, of course, HTTP. By applying SSL technology to email, secure email becomes as easy to secure as web browsing. Email Security Guidelines 1) Receiving Email With Attachments a) Unsafe File Types. Never Open Any Email Attachment With Any Of The Following File Extensions: File .Bat File.Com File.Exe File.Vbs b) Unknown File Types. Never Open Any Email Attachment Or Internal Email Link With A File-Type Extension You Do Not Recognize. c) Microsoft Document Types. Never Open Any Email Attachment Or Internal Email Link With A Recognized Microsoft Document Type (E.G., .Doc, .Xls, .Ppt) Even From Someone You Know And Trust Without First Running An Updated Virus Scan Program On It. d) Ask For Plain Text. If You Receive A .Doc, .Wpd, .Xls Or Or Other Unsafe File Type As An Attachment, Even From Someone You Know, Ask Them If They Will Convert It To .Rtf, .Txt Or .Cvs And Then Resend It To You. Then Delete The Original Email And Attachment. ...read more.


Don't run programs of unknown origin b) Turn off your computer or disconnect from the network when not in use Turn off your computer or disconnect its Ethernet interface when you are not using it. An intruder cannot attack your computer if it is powered off or otherwise completely disconnected from the network c) Disable Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX if possible. Make regular backups of critical data: Keep a copy of important files on removable media such as ZIP disks or recordable CD-ROM disks (CD-R or CD-RW disks). Use software backup tools if available, and store the backup disks somewhere away from the computer. d) Make a boot disk in case your computer is damaged or compromised To aid in recovering from a security breach or hard disk failure, create a boot disk on a floppy disk which will help when recovering a computer after such an event has occurred. Remember, however, you must create this disk before you have a security event. Finally for email security I will remember all to follow the Email Security Guidelines because you don't know what kind of information will be in you computer and the important of it and don't know who want the get information for your computer and who will used it. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report explains a number of benefits and drawbacks regrading e-mail accounts. In addition, the report contains a good list of measures to undertake. However the background information on 'Secure Your Communication E-mail' is lacking detail and doesn't ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report explains a number of benefits and drawbacks regrading e-mail accounts. In addition, the report contains a good list of measures to undertake. However the background information on 'Secure Your Communication E-mail' is lacking detail and doesn't explain what each point means.The report states one major benefit and one major drawback, this is quite good. As this allows the examiner to understand the key advantage and the key disadvantage. The student briefly talks about securing the e-mail account by using a 'Gateway', however the student doesn't describe what is meant by this. The examiner would still be wondering how this applies to securing an e-mail account. The list of 'Email Security Guidelines' are quite good. As these bullet points haven't listed a brief understanding. The student has justified the reason to why the measure should be undertake to prevent against any attack via e-mail. This section will gain the student high marks.

Level of analysis

The report states how using e-mails could place the user at an disadvantage if there receive a virus via e-mail. Further more the report states how 'The Melissa' virus was spread. Using this example/case study is good, as this shows relevant understanding of a real situation. However for high marks, the report could show a screenshot of what an e-mail will look like, with this virus within the message. This would allow the examiner to visualize the report.

Quality of writing

The report states the term 'E-Mail' and explains this means 'Electronic Mail', however the report hasn't given a description of what an e-mail account is and how this is used as a means of communication between a number of people. This would make a good introduction for the report, however this isn't contained within the report. The sub-sections title's could be in Bold, as the report states 'Introduction To Email Security', I didn't notice that this was a new section at first. Thus, it's important to clearly separate the report using clear sub-titles.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 22/02/2012

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