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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 8491

For my Project we have to solve a problem through communicating, using computers.

Extracts from this document...


DESCRIPTION OF THE TASK TO BE ATTEMTED Introduction E-mail is the new modern way to Communicate. Most people have access to the internet Now meaning that they can send e-mail to anybody in the world for example you can meet people over the internet and then get to know them better by E-Mailing them. You can use e-mail to buy things of the Internet anything from a Television to a new car. In this project I will investigate how I can communicate with people by using different methods. Ideas Of Task For my Project we have to solve a problem through communicating, using computers. The problem could be anything; the main ideas are openings of clubs. For example communicating to people, through computer means, about a new opening of, say a new football club. This is not the only choice though; you could just make a presentation, for say pupils who are starting secondary school, telling them about the secondary school, its teachers, and the facilities. We have to communicate ideas to a decided audience, it could be advertising, or simply information presented in either a presentation, or website. Chosen Idea The problem, which I have chose, is that a company wants to make more Kung-fu clubs around London because they feel that the area is not exactly safe for children to go out by themselves, and so children need to learn how to defend themselves. The company needs to get information around about the new fighting clubs opening. If I had to get information around about this club I could make a PowerPoint presentation about the club, and than make interviews with a group of people, by presenting my presentation. I could also make a poster on Microsoft publisher, giving details and small amounts of information. If this is to brief I could make a leaflet or flyers, also on publisher and hand them out to people. ...read more.


Also on publisher I have made a web page about the club. It gives you almost the exact same information as the PowerPoint presentation but it also gives you the class schedule for the club. METHOD ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES MARK PowerPoint Presentation * Text, pictures, and sounds are available. * Can use animated effects on text and pictures. * Choices of different background * Is able to run and circulate through the pages automatically. * There is a limited space on the screen * Not on Internet. * Limited animation features. * Cannot be seen by anyone when they want. 7 Web Page * Text, pictures, and sound are available. * Choices of different background. * Animated pictures * Hypertext links to different pages. * Scrolling marquee. * Can be seen by anyone with an Internet connection * If too many pictures on the page it can be slow to load up. 9 Data Collection, Data Capture And Input Data has been collected through questionnaires. A number of questions were printed on paper and handed out to people from the ages of 13-19. The questions were based on their thought of the new club. If they are interested in joining the club, what times and days they will be able to train, if they have done it before, and if they think it is a good idea. There are also questions asking about their personal details. These questionnaires have been then put together and compared. These questionnaires have then been used to find out information about what times and days to hold classes, what ages we will be teaching, and whether we will be teaching at a rookie level or an intermediate level. Pictures and sounds will be collected mostly from the Internet, which was used in my website and in my presentations. These pictures were used in my presentation and website to keep the children, reading it, entertained and so they do not get bored. ...read more.


If not, you can try some of the things listed below. Whatever else you do, make a backup copy of your presentation and work on it. Animations Don't Work In PowerPoint X After Updating To Jaguar Problem Animations don't appear properly in PowerPoint X. Solution Apply the latest Mac OS X update through Software Update, a System Preferences component. Then apply the latest Office X updates available on: PowerPoint Updates If you continue having problems, go to PowerPoint -> Preferences. Under the "View" tab, toggle the option to "Enable Quartz Text Smoothing". Windows Presentations Lose Animations In PowerPoint MAC PowerPoint 2002 (XP) uses an entirely new animation system, which has not been implemented in any other version of PowerPoint on Mac or Windows. Don't use the new animations in PowerPoint 2002 (XP) if you plan to view the presentation on the Mac, in any older version of PowerPoint for Windows, or in any of the free viewers on either platform. If you know your PowerPoint 2002 presentation will be shown in any other version of PowerPoint or one of the viewers, choose Tools, Options from the menu bar, click the Edit tab, then put a checkmark in each of the three boxes listed under "Disable new features". That way you won't be able to accidentally use any features that won't work in other versions. PowerPoint X Crashes On Start-Up Apply the latest Office X updates, available at PowerPoint Updates Try repairing privileges. For OS 10.2.x: * Go to Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities. * Open up Disk Utility. * Select your hard disk, and then click the First Aid tab. * Click the button to "Repair Disk Permissions". For OS 10.1.5: Download the Repair Privileges utility, free from Apple, and run it: Run Disk First Aid Run Disk First Aid. Instructions on how to run it in OS X are located on the Apple Knowledge Base. You should be able to run it from a Safe Boot or from starting off of the OS X CD, but if you cannot, you can run FSCK manually (instructions are on the page). Also delete the following files: ~/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.PowerPoint. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Communications section.

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