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Garage Database

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Garage Database Introduction A small garage needs a modern update to its present car data storage system. The system currently consists of a few simple files containing sheets of information about the cars and the customers listed in alphabetical order. However, there has been an increasing amount of cars being sold recently and more customers becoming interested in buying a car. Although this system has worked well for a long time, the garage feels that it cannot cope using this way of 'old technology'. So, they have asked me to create a garage database to modernise and manage the files of cars and customers much more easily. ...read more.


It is also easier to use than some of the other computer files such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. It is user-friendly to people who have never really used a computer before because they can just type in the car of their choice and it will come up with the specific cars that they want instead of having to scroll down and find the car that they want out of a large number of cars. Specification This section will explain the requirements of this database. In this database they require: * The database to be used by customers and staff. * The customer must not be allowed to edit or input data. * The staff must be able to edit and input data. ...read more.


The customers cannot be allowed to edit the data, but the staff will obviously require that ability. So they wish to have two separate submenus, one for customers and one for staff. As they are used to being able to give the cars details to the customer, all pages must be printable. There will be another workstation in the corner of the room Specification (cont...) where a customer can view the cars on that system without wasting staffs time. The system must work reliably without errors and problems. The database must have an easy to navigate system of menus, one which is for staff and one that is for customer. All these criteria must be tested, as to give them a dysfunctional database is against company policies. ?? ?? ?? ?? Justin Liu Christ's Hospital Centre No.: 65129 1 ...read more.

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