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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4593

GCSE Book DataBase Project

Extracts from this document...


Database Project Identify 4 Identify 4 Introduction 4 The Problems 5 The Current Situation 5 The problems with manual solutions 5 Alternative Solution 5 Why I chose ICT 7 Quantitative objectives 8 Software 9 Alternative Software Solutions 9 Hardware 10 Alternative hardware 11 Security 11 Backup Strategy 12 Data flow Diagrams 13 Data requirements for the ICT books loan database 16 Data requirements for the ICT books loan database 17 Student info table 17 Design Tasks 24 User Comments 28 Final Designs 29 QueriesCreating Tables 29 QueriesCreating Tables 30 Creating Tables 31 Validation of Data 32 Range Check 32 Range Check 33 Creating Queries 37 Testing 38 T4. 41 T4. 42 All Reports 45 All Reports 46 Simple Query searching for specific student 46 Simple Query searching for specific student 47 Simple Query searching for specific student 48 Implementation 50 Implementation 51 Implementation 52 Creating Tables 52 Errors 53 3. 3. Errors with fields on forms 53 3. 3. Errors with fields on forms 54 Test Plan 54 Test Plan 55 Quantitative objectives evaluation 57 User Response and possible improvements 58 Identify Introduction Langley Park School for Boys (also known as Langley Park Boys' School) is a boys' comprehensive secondary school in Beckenham in the London Borough of Bromley, with a mixed-sex sixth form. The school currently has about 1450 pupils. The headmaster is R W Northcott. The school's motto is Mores et studia which literally translates as 'morals and study'. The school's code of conduct is courtesy; common-sense & co-operation. The school uniform consists of a maroon blazer and tie, both with the school crest on, and dark trousers. Students are allowed to wear suits or, if female, smart clothes, in the sixth form. The Problems The library department has requested an ICT system to keep track of the textbooks that are loaned out to the 6th formers. The librarian needs a more reliable way of record books, which are out on loan and on the shelf. ...read more.


Another strategy I will be using is to send my work to my own email address through email. This would mean that even if I were to forget to bring my memory stick, I can access my work anyway because most computers now days have Internet access. There are many risks of not backing up your work, for example, the school might catch fire, the system might go down, and there might be a virus on the school system, floods. If you do not back up your work you will regret it because you will have to do all your work again, this might take time. To save everything that has been done on floppy disks, CD ROMs, USB pens, USB memory sticks. Data flow Diagrams Data requirements for the ICT books loan database Student info table Field name Data base Primary Key? Field Length Validation rule? Validation method Field description Student _ ID Auto number Yes Long Integer Must be unique Automatic A 'unique identifier' given to each student. Students first name Text No 20 None The first name of student Student last name Text No 20 None The surname of student. Form ID Text No 3 None This field relates to the student record to the "form" table. Loan ID Number No Long Integer None This field relates to the student record to the "loan" table. Staff Info Staff field Name Data Type Field Length Primary Key Validation Validation method Field description Staff initials Text 5 Yes Must be unique Unique check on primary key. This shows the initials of the staff member. Staff name Text No 30 ---------------- ---------------- This shows the name of the staff member. Form Info Staff field Name Data Type Field Length Primary Key Validation Validation method Field description Form ID Auto number Long Integer Yes Unique field Primary key This gives each record a unique identifier. ...read more.


This means that I have completed this objective. Evaluation of Objective 5 From my testing I have shown that the access of commonly used forms are readily available for the use convenient use of the librarian. Evaluation of Objective 6 The user interface of the database is very user friendly , this has been proved when I was told from the user feedback that the interface was easy to read and understand. User Response and possible improvements Subsequent to giving the questionnaire to some of the users I had a response. The majority of the users agreed to saying they thought that the interface was very straight forward to use and found that when searching for a particular search, it was very quick. All but one user thought that the database was easy to navigate between as I have made a menu linking all the appropriate forms together saving time and effort. In my testing I had checked whether all the buttons had worked correctly and navigated you to the correct form or reports. This was proved by the users as they had no problems with the links in between the forms and reports. The report format was as they expected because they have used databases which were very similar but several of the users had said they liked the picture feature in the reports so that they know which book has been loaned out. They didn't think that it needs any changes as it has more than the average database of this kind. All the relevant information that the users needed was there and they didn't have any problem retrieving it. Even though the users did think the database was good they suggested to me that they thought that I should expand the database so that it would allow them to use this database for other subjects. This would be very easy to do as all I have to do is add the system is the staffs that teach the subject, the sets and the books. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mitesh Patel GCSE Database Candidate no.XXXX 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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