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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2615

GCSE I.T Analysis

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ANALYSIS Identification of the Problem Splash out theme park is a theme park that has newly opened and has been in operation for just under a year. It is experiencing a rapid growth in visitors and it is becoming a very popular place to entertain children, adults and teens. Up until now, they have been using a manual file card system to store details about all the visitors. The card system works by visitors filling out a form which records all the details that are necessary, these details are then copied onto file cards and then filed into alphabetical order. Every so often, the cards are searched to look for any visitors who have not visited the park for over six months or visitors who they have not received payments from. However, this system is not fool proof and sometimes cards are misplaced and misfiled. It is also time consuming to look through each of the cards to gain the details you are looking for as the cards are only in alphabetical order. For this reason it can be a problem to find visitors that have not been to the park for over six months or to recognise customers to offer promotions to. It takes a long time to search through each and every one of the cards to finally find what you require. Some of the things splash out theme park want to find out are: * How many customers live in a certain area * How many customers haven't visited the theme park in over six months * People with more ...read more.


There are different methods of collecting information that I can use. Below are some of the sources you can use: > Interview- I can interview the staff and ask them questions about the theme park. > Advantages-The advantage of this is that I have an actual face to face conversation with the member. This is good because this will give me specific answers. E.g. I can ask them exactly what I want and if they do not give me an answer I am looking for then I can ask them another question to ensure they do. > Disadvantages-The disadvantage is that the staff may not be able to take time off for the interview. > Observation - I can go down to the Splash Out theme park office for a few days and observe how they work and the problems they come across. > Advantages-The advantage of this is that I can clearly see their problem and realise what they need in anew system. The disadvantage is that it is time consuming and it would be quite boring to do for a few days. Also I might get in the way of the staff. > Questionnaire- I can create a questionnaire to give to different members of staff. > Advantages- The advantage of this is that it is quick therefore the new system will be created sooner and they need it as soon as possible. Also I can give different questionnaires to different members of staff to find out what problems each of the staff won't really be disturbed from their work. ...read more.


Limitations: It is not designed for word processing; handling text and images is not easy; there are limitations to the searching and sorting. Database Software Advantages: Data can be entered, saved and printed; Tables, queries, forms and reports can be easily generated; Searching, sorting and filtering facilities available; Mail merge facilities available; You can set up verification and validation rules; Searching, sorting and filtering facilities available Limitations: Not suited to word processing documents; manipulation of text and images not easily achieved; difficulty with graphs. DTP Software Advantages: Data can be entered, saved and printed; a wide range of graphics and images; text and sound can be imported; easy to manipulate graphics; animation features can be used. Limitations: No columns; tab Key functions are difficult; cannot import spreadsheets; search and sort facilities unavailable. Hardware The theme park will require the obvious aspects of hardware such as a mouse and keyboard, as well as a printer. They will need a printer to print out letters etc, and it may also be useful for them to have a digital camera to take photos and put them onto the computer. My success criteria For this system to be successful I will: * Give each member of staff access to a computer and send the staff that need to learn how to use computers on a computer course. * Make sure that the information is sorted in a number of different ways such as alphabetically, by most recent visitor and visitors with children. * Insure that the system is easy to operate and the theme park can make the most benefit from it. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT Project 2 2 ...read more.

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