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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3075

Gigabyte computers is a small computer shop specialising in computer hardware and software.

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Background Gigabyte computers is a small computer shop specialising in computer hardware and software. It is run by two people and the roughly have about 25-30 customers per day. The two people that run the shop run it by using filing systems and this is very time consuming especially when having to see if they have something in stock. The hardware that the shop sells consists of PC products like memory chips processors and CDR devices. The hardware that they buy comes from different suppliers and need to be ordered within two weeks of when they are needed. The software that is available in the shop ranges from PC and console games to applications for a computer. The software titles come in to stock from the manufacturers when they are due for release date. These range in price and are stocked in order of console type and alphabetical order. The main purpose of the shop however is to make custom built computers for customers to their specific needs and this is what their main focus of their business is. The shop has three different clientele suppliers, buyers and sellers. The shop has records on paper file of their contacts and suppliers. In with these files are also lists of manufacturers both for computer and console types. The shop also has the ability to repair and give a diagnostics checks on customer's computers giving them a choice of whether they would like a 2-5 year guarantee paying a monthly fee of �5.00. This consists of a check with a further charge of parts that are needed. The shop also asks new customers and sellers to fill in information about themselves to get a general idea about the things they like and so the can store their information on their files. This will help the shop owners for when the same customer comes back because they will know information about them and they wont need to ask them questions. ...read more.


Once the customer comes in and pays for the computer the receipts have to be the processed and the filed away with all the other information from the transaction including parts and stock checks. This will then be put with all the other customer files and stocked away. This will be creating lots more paperwork and even less spaced for more valuable stock such as computer parts. Because all of the information is filled if it is ever needed again it will be very hard to find along with all the other paperwork that is filled away this will create problems if the information is needed quickly to solve a problem. General objectives The system should be able to hold information about: Customers Manufacturers Products (Hardware components) The system will: * be able to calculate the value of invoices * be able to create a suitable computer system * be user friendly * be easily updateable * be able to calculate the prices and add on the VAT * be able to automatically update stock levels when required * print out a receipt for the customer * print out a receipt for the shop * be able to find products quickly and easily Specific Objectives - Quantitative 1. It should not take any longer than 1 minute to enter in the customers questionnaire answers. 2. It should not take any longer than 30 seconds to find customers details 3. It should take no longer than 30 seconds to find what products are in stock and what price 4. It should only take at least 10 seconds for the system to find a suitable computer system for the customer 5. An order should take no longer than 1 minute to process 6. It should take no take no longer than 15 seconds to record a customer payment Specific Objectives - Qualitative 1. The system should have a user friendly interface 2. ...read more.


to stop users from making mistakes such as typing in a number where the first name should be typed * You can also perform different processing tasks via queries and macros which allow things such as automated price calculation * Access also has the ability to create links to other programs such as word or Microsoft Excel. Database Design There are 4 entities in this database; * The customer can make many payments e.g. if they buys more than one computer system then he can make two payments, one for each system * The customer can have many sales e.g. if they want to buy more than one item, they can buy separate computer systems on separate occasions. * There can be many components for one sale e.g. the many components that are used make up one computer system which in turn makes one sale There has to be an entity between the customer and the components. This is so that there can be a relationship made, and that there can be referential integrity kept. A customer cannot pay for the components without a sale because there has to be a 'middle ground' on which the transaction can take place. This will help keep the relationship together. Table Design Table name: tblCustomer Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format CustomerID AutoNumber First Name Text 20 Last Name Text 20 Street Text 20 Town Text 15 City Text 15 Postcode Text 7 >LL00 0LL Telephone Number Text 10 (99999)000909 Table name: tblBaseUnit Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format Table name: tblCD Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format Table name: tblHardDrive Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format Table name: tblMemory Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format Table name: tblMonitor Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format Table name: tblOrder Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format Table name: tblVideoCard Field Name Data Type Length Input Mask Validation Format ...read more.

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