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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4118

Green Associates is a seller of many games - design a computer based system

Extracts from this document...


Chapter 1: Identification General description of the task being undertaken A Mr. Green of Green Associates is a seller of many games, and at the moment archives all the information about the price of each game, the producer, and the genre using a pen and paper technique, which is to simply write on table in columns the information. This is tiresome and can be full of erroneous records as it is down to the human factor to make sure all data is correct, because of this it can be unreliable, it is not only tiresome to write all the information, but it also extremely hard to find a certain piece of information. The solution for this is obviously a computerized solution, which is to create a database in Access, which would allow for easy searching of data, and would allow for many other extra features, such as data validation which would prevent the entry of invalid data. Reasons for selecting the chosen approach A/B I have chosen to use Microsoft Access as it easily the most widespread database software in the world, and therefore the most compatible. It is extremely well suited for this as has many special features, in particular, I will be making use of Access's command buttons, to create a user friendly menu allowing the user to select different functions with ease. I will also be implementing data entry forms using Microsoft Access's "Forms" facility. Printing using Access is just as easy as the user must simply click on the print symbol in the toolbar. Possible alternative strategy for solving the problem B There are many other alternate strategies for solving this problem, for example, one could use Excel's table's and input data in a similar approach that Mr. Green is doing know, which is to write all the names of the other companies and their games, and prices, and update whenever necessary. ...read more.


Overall however I overall believe that the system will work, but needs to be easier to navigate in. Sincerely, Mr Green. Test plan Test No. 1 Item being tested Data Validation, this is used to prevent the user from typing in clearly erroneous data, this is used the entry of price, and checks to see if the user has typed a price between �4.99 and �39.99, if it isn't the computer will display an error message. Test Data �5.00, �4.99, �4.98 Reasons for choice of data. These will test that all data entered between the values is allowed, that data entered that is equal to the specified values is allowed and those that are outside the values are not. Expected result. Test 1: Allowed. Test 2: Allowed. Test 3 Disallowed + error message. Test No. 2 Item being tested. Price range query, this is used by the user to generate a list of games between a certain minimum and maximum price that he specifies. Test Data �6.99 - �12.99, �0.01 - �4.98. Reasons for choice of data. The first test will allow me to see whether it is showing the correct price range, and the second confirms this as the price range is below the data validation range, and therefore no games should appear. Expected Result 1st test: There should be a variety of games shown. 2nd test: There should be no games shown. Test No. 3 Item being Tested. Drop down menus in the forms. Test Data. To do this all we have to is attempt to add a new game to the database using the drop down menu, all this requires is a visual check. Reasons for choice of data. - Expected Result. It should allow the game to be added. Test No. 4 Item being Tested. The user should be able to specify a genre and the database should be able to display the games alphabetically. ...read more.


I am also pleased that it is enough for me to navigate in it without too much hassle. I am particularly pleased at the main menu you designed so that I would not have to use the usual access menus which are too confusing for me. The forms that you designed are also particularly useful with the added drop down menus. The report which shows all the out of stock items is particularly useful as it shows the addresses of the various developers of the game I am out of stock with so that I can phone them up and request more. However I would like a search function for developers, also new forms for films and applications would be good too. Sincerely, Mr. Green Response to customer feedback To create a search function for developers table would not be too difficult, I would have to create a new query similar to the one that searches for keywords in game titles and would display it. To create a new part of the database for films and applications it might be easier to create a new database altogether designed in the same way as the first but with differences such as data validation, which would have to change as some applications like visual basic cost a lot of money. Suggestions for further enhancements In a real situation this would probably only work for a small shop that doesn't stock many games, but in a large shop it would be extremely tedious to type in possible dozens of new games released every week, however it could be done by subscribing to a place that shows newly released games and importing that somehow into the database. The search functions for the model are also very refined in their parameters, for example there is not function to search for developers, for example, if Mr. Green wanted to look up a phone number for a developer he would have to search for it manually in the developers database, which would be extremely tedious. However on a small scale I believe that my model would work fairly well. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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