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How and when we use ICT

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How and when we use ICT The communication system in the world is essential to modern day life. This may include mobile phones or normal household phones, which instantly allow someone to hear another persons voice from anywhere around the world, after you code in the required phone number. This saves a great deal of hassle, time and money as there no or less need to actually visit the person speaking. Furthermore, a mobile phone, performing the same tasks can be used, which can be taken anywhere and is wireless. Also with the mobile phone, instead of talking to another person, messages could be sent known as 'text' to whomever, saving more money and time. Similarly the modern day internet- with the e-mail system, could be used, to anyone or any company around the world who also posses e-mail addresses. Again, the communication is very fast and better than mobile phone text, the information is free, easier and more of it can be sent across the world. At Howard's Health centre, the communications system would be essential, as it is to modern day life. All the stock, financial systems and even customer services will require the use of these systems. These, obviously come into vital use for our company and our staff. Firstly these different methods of communication can and will be used in this company. ...read more.


This greatly decreases the risk of burglary of money and stops any inconveniences caused by the carrying of money in your pocket. However, this method is not perfect as it is prone to credit card fraud and these cards can easily be lost. Furthermore, using this way for paying money makes the user less aware of the quantity of money that they spend, increasing the risk of debt and overdraft. Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) is similar to the other method. This ensures the electronic transfer of funds at the point of sale. It used at the checkouts to provide the customer receipt and, at the same time, update the items in stock. This process is automatic, requiring little human endeavor and assistance. With the introduction of new technology, our company will start using an easier method of shopping- shop online, replacing the typical and traditional method of using our legs and arms! We also would use computers to send e-mails and for entertainment purposes using CD-ROM gaming. These games have special 3-D effects and other griping effects that keep the user interested. It is also used with interactive television. Before people had access to only four or five channels, which for the 'telle addict' would get intimidating. With interactive television, up to 800 channels, giving a much more interesting range of channels and topics. ...read more.


This problem can be overcome in a variety of ways. Obviously, the primary way would be to always regularly save the data, where programmes can be loaded onto the system that will automatically save a copy of the data so that it is not lost. Also various retrieval programmes can be used, which when the user switches off with ought to saving the work, or the computer crashes, the system will automatically have a record of there work. In the long term, data backups are used, in the form of CD-ROMS or various other storage mediums, which can act as backup devices. Also, the internet can be used, where work may be uploaded on say a website, incase of a crash. Another disadvantage of using these systems, which will imply in Howard's Health centre, is the various health problems they pose. Usage of the computer and to communicate via e-mail can take long to accomplish. Usage of this method of communication, along with text messages can cause eye and neck strain, aswell as a host of other problems. Using the mobile phone, although not posing a significant health risk can cost a lot of money, especially when calling when most needed- peak time. Again training and teaching about these various health problems, and how to avoid them, would help overcome this problem. Despite the expenses and hassle of training and teaching the employers, it undoubtedly would be money well spent. For ultimately the health and safety of our employers comes first. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amer Zeb11G ...read more.

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