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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5354

I am creating and producing an online interactive guide presentation on Chelmsford to help people navigate around the city. The aim of the presentation is to give extended information to tourists

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GCSE Multi-Media Project Identify Introduction I am creating and producing an online interactive guide presentation on Chelmsford to help people navigate around the city. The aim of the presentation is to give extended information to tourists about the history of Chelmsford and the main attractions of the city centre. One of the benefits of the interactive guide is to give people quick accessible information, which is available to access twenty four hours a day. This means that people can access information at all times and particularly if a tourist office is closed. The interactive guide presentation is to be accessed in youth hostels or online for everyone who wants information without travelling around Chelmsford to find a tourist office and also if a tourist office is closed and people want to find information. Youth hostels where people can access online are in the town centre and are easy to navigate. My client is the mayor of Chelmsford James Brian. My brief was that people need to be able to access information quickly and online from the Chelmsford website www.chelmsford.gov.uk. This is where the presentation will also be available to access and additionally people will be able to download the presentation and save it onto their computer without having to be actively online through the internet. At the moment in time they are giving out information guides which are hard to get specific information which people want to find out for example what attractions are available to visit. People visiting Chelmsford can also plan there day out by highlighting which attractions they will be visiting and from the Chelmsford website can hyperlink to other attractions websites. To maybe check out what viewing times are at the cinema or see the train times. Some people may not be able to access the presentation so this is why setting up youth hostiles that you can be able to access the presentation from is so important. ...read more.


The video will then be used for the people who want to get an insight of what the cathedral is like. Any errors will be checked by comparing other videos of the cathedral or by going to the cathedral and seeing if the data is correct. You could also compare the video with other ones. Sound of a trial taking place will also be included in the presentation to give. I will require this from the sound editor of the Chelmsford crown court David Simons, to check for errors in the sound of the trial the sound will be listened to and David Simons will insure that it is correct. Other pictures that will be put into the presentation most of these are pictures of places of Chelmsford and attractions. These pictures will come from the graphics editor of the Chelmsford council John Macdonald. As most of these pictures are of the Chelmsford places you could check the city to see for yourself if the pictures are correct or maybe by comparing the pictures with others. Also some various pictures will be self taken via digital camera. Graphs and tables of how popular an attraction is will come from a survey. This will be completed by the Chelmsford council and will compare various attractions to previous surveys completed previously within Chelmsford. I will contact the Chelmsford council to request certain statistics and figures which I will use to update the graphs and stats which are needed to go into my presentation. To check any errors with the data you could compare the tables and graphs with other ones to see if the stats and figures are correct and reliable and complete a sanity check on the information to ensure that nothing stands out as being odd. Some information shown in the presentation will be required from the Chelmsford council archives. This information will be of general information of Chelmsford, history of the area, Information telling the reader what attractions can be visited in the Chelmsford area and what they are. ...read more.


You need to make sure that it's the same as your FINAL DESIGN drawings. Extension: Any changes need to be discussed on how the project was developed; discuss any errors and changes that you had to make that are different from the final drawings. Also add what do you think could be added or improved. Show all your slides. You must evidence how the problem has been solved. Testing Test plan & screen shots - copy your test plan into the first 3 columns. You need to show before & after screen shots of your tests. Have at least 1 test that fails and then show what you did to correct it. You must also evidence the problem being tested. Test no. Purpose of test Expected result Actual result Changes Made 1 To ensure that there is a home button on each slide There is a home button on every slide On all slides there is a home button which takes the user to the home page None You need to screen shot all your testing showing a before and after screen shot. Label each test, test 1, test 2 and so on with the before and after screen shots below each test. Evaluate - New page Evaluation of initial objectives & have these been met and how do they solve your users problem? Use these headings Project strengths (2) - how it solves your user's problem Project weaknesses (2) User feedback - this could be a letter from your user or a questionnaire, saying how your slides have solved their problem, comments should be critical and relevant and what they can now do, now that the problem has been solved. The user's feedback should lead further into identifying further enhancements to your slides Further ideas for improvement (you need 1) - These must be linked to improvements that your user has suggested and some of your own. What you would do if you were to design your slides again? How would you achieve this? ?? ?? ?? ?? Multi-Media project Scott Norrington ...read more.

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