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I have gathered this information by taking a whole day out to visit the store and talk with the manager.

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Analysis Introduction User & Description Of The Current System: I have gathered this information by taking a whole day out to visit the store and talk with the manager. Mr. Udeagbala owns a computer shop in Streatham named Elca computers. The shop provides a lot of services. Here is a list of some of the services provided by Elca Computers: Services/Items Charge Rate Pay as you go Internet �1 per hour, 50p per half hour, 30p per 15mins Printing 40pBlack & White per page, 80p Colour per page Photocopying 10p per page Scanning �1 per page Refreshments (Confectionaries, Drinks etc) From 10p-�1 Wide range of computer software From �5-�15(MAX) Wide range of computer hardware Price varies from low quality to high quality Computer upgrade/Check up/Repair �25 Can be extended if hardware/Software is added At Elca Computers the data collected is all of the above in the table, items sold and services carried out are recorded into a spreadsheet where further analysis may be carried out. Data is captured using a key to disk system (Keyboard). So as customers buy products or pay for a service it will be typed into the system by staff exactly how much money was given, what was sold or what service was carried out. ...read more.


If he had no past sale records, then it will be impossible to create a forecast. Interview With The User - Regarding requirements of the new system Interviewer: I understand how your current system works, but I need you to specify the problems you are currently having with your current system and what type of system you want. User: Well I find it quite time consuming having to continuously keep entering data of people coming in to use the internet and also reminding customers when their time is up, it can be stressing at times especially when I am in the middle of upgrading or repairing a customers computer. I need an automated system where I don't have to make any or less Manuel entries of data of the people coming in to use the Internet. Interviewer: So basically you would like a system where data entered is mostly automatic rather than manual. What would you require from this automated system? User: I would like it to be so that when a customer comes into my shop to use the internet, all he has to do is touch the mouse then a screen comes up asking him weather he wants ...read more.


Interviewer: Well this type of system will be beneficial to you in many ways, the system will have everything under control while or you do is collect money and give change when appropriate. Requirements Of The New System Specific objectives - Quantitative * Internet entries shouldn't take more then 10 seconds * It should be possible to find customer details in less then 10 seconds Specific Objectives - Qualitative * System should be very user friendly * System should have a help guide for those with no knowledge of computers * System should warn and then log off after customers Internet time has been expired. Constraints Hardware: The hardware available to me is as follows: * Keyboard * Mouse * Monitor (VDU) * Printer * Floppy Disc drive * CD ROM Drive * 5 Gigabyte Hard-disk * Modem Users IT Skills and knowledge The user has Expert knowledge of computers, as he owns his own computer store where he repairs/upgrades computers. So the system won't need to be intuitive, as the user knows almost everything about the world of computers. The user has been in computer business for over 3 years. Specification & Analysis Specification & Analysis ...read more.

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