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Task 1 - Identify a complex problem The ideas that I have are: 1. My football club 2. My table tennis club 3. RAF Cadet System Leicester Football Club Finally I have decided on my football club because the RAF must have a good system already and it will be difficult to gather information. My table tennis club is only run by one person and it's not an official organisation with a name or fixed location. Apart from this, there are not a lot of things wrong with this club. The football club at the moment is faced with the problem of a sudden rise of members and there isn't a computerised system to store all of this information. ...read more.


the season or not * Their availability for the coming matches * Information about the player regarding football It will also be easier to produce letters for the members and send them to their house as opposed to a hand written letter announcing certain events such as training, vacancies in the team , matches being cancelled and pre season matters and so on. The user of this system will be all the different coaches of different age groups who have the responsibility of all the above for all the children in their group. Doing this with a paper based system and ringing people up is a hassle and this new system will be much easier. ...read more.


This could be done by searching the system with a query. * Must be able to store lots of information about players without taking up lots of space. I think that the system would easily achieve this and it would be not very hard to back up. The problem of the club is that parts of information need to be searched for, but a paper system means this would take a long time. If parts of information or certain questions needed answering urgently when using the system, a database could be used. Another major problem is that copies of the same letter need to be printed with different names on the top of the page. Instead of handwriting it , a word processor could be used if a system was used. ?? ?? ?? ?? Task1 Amirali Tejani 10PJF ...read more.

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