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Task 2 - Collecting Information If I wanted to collect information when finding out a problem, I could use a questionnaire, an interview, looking at current documents or observation of the current system. There are advantages and disadvantages of each of these. Means of collection Advantages Disadvantages Questionnaire Information can be collected quickly. The Questionnaire can be analysed by a computer. Difficult to put in the right questions. The questions cannot be answered in detail. Interview The information is going to be accurate. The information can come from an experienced person. It can sometimes be hard to come up with suitable questions. ...read more.


2. How do you currently store information? 3. How do you send letters to the players of your team currently? 4. How long does it take you to find a piece of information 5. Can you operate a computer confidently? 6. How many records would a new system store? 7. Which format do you store the information in your "Date of birth" field? 8. How many members of staff do you have? 9. How often do you update your database? 10. How do people currently access the information you store? I finally decided to use an interview to collect information. This is because I will be able to collect accurate information and I could ask further questions which I had not thought of originally. ...read more.


It also might be hard to ask suitable questions in the questionnaire. In a interview you can ask further question about the club and ask questions that you have forgotten. I chose not to look at current documents because it will be difficult to find present documents which are useful, and it may be hard to understand what the document is for. I did not have the option to observe as workers work in their free time normally at their houses, so I was unable to do this. The interview in my opinion will be more reliable in many ways and more trustable as the person is verbally telling you something. ?? ?? ?? ?? Task 2 Amirali Tejani 10PJF ...read more.

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