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ICT and people with special needs

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Harpal Bal ICT and people with special needs There are many people that have disabilities, but there are many ways in which ICT can help them. ICT can give these people more opportunities in life due to the vast range of specially designed computer equipment. There are people with sensory impairment. People with sensory impairment include partially blind people and those who are totally blind. Being blind might make even the simplest of jobs e.g. reading letters and bills an uphill task. They might need a video magnifier. Even going to the local supermarket would be difficult because you could bump into things. Blind people can also use a special keyboard called the Braille keyboard to put data in to the computer. Sensory impairment also includes people who are deaf and people who lack clear speech. There is technology to help them e.g. spell checkers, Touch screens, Speech recognition systems, predictive word processors and an overlay keyboard. There are also people with physical disability. A physical disability affects the person's mobility. Voice activated systems are available to put data in to the computer for people who's disability has affected their writing. People also have learning difficulties. Someone who has learning difficulties finds it harder to learn than other people. Everyone learns in different ways. Learning disabilities can affect the way people read e.g. ...read more.


This is much better than using a phone because using the internet, it would be more efficient. You can also order cinema tickets, tickets for concerts and many other attractions via the internet. Electrical equipment: - Adjustable beds have made it easier for people to sleep. It makes it easier for them to sleep because they can choose the preference of where the bed is. They have a remote control which controls the bed, making it go up or either down. Some of these beds also have built in massage systems. This would be useful for them because it could make the feel more relaxed and make it easier for them to sleep and ease the pain. There are also specially designed baths available. These baths make it easier for the person to get in and out of the bath. These are called walk in baths. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for the persons liking and there are many things to hold on to inside the bath so that they can manoeuvre around easily. This allows them to be more independent. If a person with a limited mobility has difficulty walking up the stairs, there are technologies there to help them. The technology is called the stair lift. Basically instead of using the stairs, a special chair is installed on your stairs which lifts them upstairs. ...read more.


They are very efficient to use and they also make their lives easier and simpler. They can do all the things as those that do not have disabilities. The technologies help them with everyday life and to lead a normal life. Stair lifts are good to go up and down the stairs instead of having to use the stairs although they are quite expensive to purchase. Environmental control systems are helpful to suit a person's own personal environment but take a while to install. E - mailing and online ordering are the best way to purchase anything you want nowadays and help a lot of people not just those with disabilities it also helps those without any disability. The most popular technologies from the ones that are mentioned before are: e - mailing, stair lifts, online ordering and modified software. A lot of places are helping those with limited mobility like stores, cinemas, shops and many other places. They have made bigger spaces for wheelchair access, handicapped parking disabled toilets. Technology is getting bigger and there will be many more ways of helping people with disabilities to make the life just a little bit easier. Also with newer technology there are problems but we can get through those by asking for help but with these technologies they tell you everything you need to know and is put onto a CD or even a DVD. There are so many technologies that help those with limited mobility and in future there will be many more to come. ...read more.

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