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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2168

ICT Case Study Coursework - Hull Daily Mail Publications Ltd.

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ICT Case Study Coursework - Hull Daily Mail Publications Ltd. * The Organisation The network manager at Hull Daily Mail has the job of looking after over 300 computers, 15 servers, and a huge network. If there are any problems with any part of the system, it is the IT Support department has the responsibility to sort it out. In the IT Support department there are 6 full time employees, and 1 Saturday Assistant. Every thing to do with computers goes through the IT Department, such as repairs, new equipment, and even assistance and training. * Network The network uses a STAR topology because it is very flexible and fast, and safe. The advantages are outlined below: * Low startup costs * Easier to manage than a 'bus' topology * Easy to expand * Widely used, a variety of equipment available There are also disadvantages of the STAR topology: * The hub is the single point of failure, if that breaks it all breaks * Requires more cable than a 'bus' design * File Handling * File Storage Files are mainly stored on one of the file servers. This is so that every one with access to the file server with the file on can have access to that file. ...read more.


There is also one security guard on duty 24 hours a day. 7 days a week, who checks the whole building every hour. The computer room is where all the servers are kept, it is air conditioned to keep the computers running in a cool environment. If there is a fire in the computer room it will be estinguished immediately by Halogen Gas. * Backup Procedures Backups are taken every night from each server. Most servers have a backup tape for every day of the week, but some only have one tape which gets overwritten each night. Backups are done over night because this is when the servers are the least active. Backups are done incase of fire, theft, floods etc, and therefore are stored in a fire/water proof safe. As well as this on Friday the tapes are taken to the Paragon Street Office. This is because if the fire safe fails then there are some offsite backups from no more than a week before. * Protection Against Viruses The Hull Daily Mail believe that they are well protected against viruses. They have 2 main defences against viruses. The first line of defence is on the Exchange email/internet server. ...read more.


At the moment a new 'introduction to computers' course is been set up by the IT support staff which will be a half day crash course in the basic use of computers. At the moment, if they do not feel that a person knows enough to use a computer efficiently they will be sent on a 2 day course. This only covers the basic computer knowledge. The Hull Daily Mail also use some specialist applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress to name but a few. Specialist training for these applications is organised by their department manager. The training of the IT Support Staff is also based upon what they already know. When a new employee joins the team on the first day they are shown the whole system, how it works, what is uses, etc. In the few days after that they are shown how to solve typical problems as they arise. This is all done by another member of the IT Support Team. Certain people from the IT Support Team will be chosen to go on certain courses, as they can be very expensive. Courses such as NT Server Management and Network Management are not considered to be needed for all the IT Staff, as one member of the team can take the course and then be responsible for that area of the system. ...read more.

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